Current Programs

Council offers and participates in a number of projects and programs to increase sustainability throughout the municipality.

Community Sustainability Grants

Council offers Sustainability Grants which support the development and implementation of sustainable projects and events, which assist in achieving sustainability related actions within the Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

Grants are offered in two rounds in line with Council’s funding timelines.

Learn more about the community sustainability grants.

Electric Vehicle Study

Council is leading a new project assessing the feasibility and building a business case for Electric Vehicles in regional council fleets.

Electric Vehicles have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fleet vehicles, along with reducing fuel and maintenance costs. The project will assess the feasibility of introducing Electric Vehicles into the fleet of 10 regional councils, with associated infrastructure (charging points).

Learn more about the Electric Vehicle Study at the Goulburn Broken Greenhouse Alliance website or contact the Sustainability and Environment team on (03) 5832 9700.