Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Council’s inaugural Environmental Sustainability Strategy was adopted by resolution of Council on 17 July 2014. The Environmental Sustainability Strategy outlines an overall vision and framework to guide Council's future activities. Community input, guidance and feedback was an essential component in the development of the Strategy.

The development of the Strategy commenced in 2010, when Greater Shepparton City Council was awarded $30,000 in funding from the Victorian Government under the Victorian Adaptation and Sustainability Partnership (VASP) (formerly known as the Victorian Local Sustainability Accord) for the development of an Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

The Environmental Sustainability Strategy (2014 - 2030) and Action Plan (2014 - 2017) was developed by Council's Sustainability and Environment Team and the Environmental Sustainability Strategy Stakeholder Reference Committee (the SRC), who were endorsed by Council to develop the Strategy. The Strategy will drive the achievement of environmental sustainability goals and objectives outlined in Council's high-level strategic documents.

The Strategy development process had a strong emphasis on community engagement. Council staff, stakeholder organisations and the Greater Shepparton community had a total of three opportunities to participate in the development process.

  1. Staff and community environmental sustainability surveys (2012)
  2. Discussion paper consultation (March, April 2013)
  3. Draft - Environmental Sustainability Strategy (2014 - 2030) and Action Plan (2014 - 2017) consultation (Jan - Feb 2014)

The Strategy will increase Councils environmental sustainability capacity and provide access to new funding streams that are currently inaccessible as further funding from the Victorian Adaptation and Sustainability Partnership (VASP) is only available for Environmental Sustainability Strategy listed actions and projects.

The Strategy will direct the Sustainability and Environment Department in developing tools, knowledge and guidance to transition Greater Shepparton to a more environmentally sustainable organisation and region.