Investigation Area 3 – Adams Road area, Kialla

Greater Shepparton City Council has completed studies and analysis to progress the future development of Investigation Area 3.

The Greater Shepparton Housing Strategy 2011 (GSHS) identified “Adams Road area, Kialla” as Investigation Area 3. It states “further work is required on land conditions, servicing and development potential before future zoning options can be fully assessed and determined”.

The Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme at Clause 21.04 – Settlement provides the following direction for Investigation Area 3:

Investigation Area 3 – Adams Road area, Kialla. This area is directly adjacent to the Kialla Lakes Estate though is significantly impacted by flooding. The potential to develop this land to a more intensive residential use is dependent on this issue being resolved.

Local policy discourages incremental planning approvals in investigation areas until an integrated investigation is complete. The Investigation Area 3 – Model of Flood Behaviour and Conceptual Masterplan (model of flood behaviour and masterplan) investigated the flooding constraints of the land and provides a possible future development masterplan.

The model of flood behaviour and masterplan were noted by Council at the 19 July 2016 Ordinary Council Meeting.

The findings of the model of flood behaviour and masterplan are being implemented through Planning Scheme Amendment C195.