Children’s Services Family Handbook

This section contains the Children’s Services Family Handbook, which contains information pertaining to Council-operated child care facilities.

Greater Shepparton City Council is committed to an Integrated Service Model, which means that families can access care and education programs from one location, and programs are provided in a comprehensive manner.

All child care services operated by the Council actively implement and adhere to the requirements of Government Regulations and are committed to the implementation of quality improvement systems in accordance with the National Quality Framework.


All information provided to the service regarding the child and the family will be treated in strict confidence and within the guidelines of the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic.) and the Health Record Act (2001). All records will be stored in a secure, lockable place.

Everyone has the right to feel SAFE

We will treat you and your children with respect. Equally, we expect that you will treat all people and property within this service with respect. The following types of conduct are unlawful:

  • Threats or intimidation
  • Indecent language
  • Offensive behaviour
  • Assault

Immediate action will be taken if any of this behaviour occurs, this may include calling the Police (000).


  • We acknowledge the importance of the child’s family as the first and most significant influence in their child’s life.
  • We respect and value the experience, skills and commitment of our team of professional early childhood educators.
  • We believe and work within the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. (1959)
  • We are guided by the National Quality Framework.
  • We believe in and are guided by the Early Childhood Code of Ethics in its entirety.
  • We work in conjunction with Greater Shepparton Council Plan 2009-2013.
  • We work by the values of Greater Shepparton City Council – Leadership, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork.
  • We abide by the Education & Care Services National Regulations 2011 and Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010
  • We believe in striving for best practice in all we do.

We hope that you and your child enjoy your time at our services and we thank you for allowing us to be part of your child’s early years.

Download the Handbook in PDF format.

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