Enrolment and Attendance

Access to the Service/ Enrolment Procedure

Long Day Care

When a vacancy becomes available, places are allocated to those on the waiting list in order of priority in accordance with the Commonwealth Government ‘Priority of Access Guidelines’.

Occasional Care

There is no priority of access in occasional care.

On accepting a place in the service, a parent/guardian is requested to attend an interview with the Service Leader where possible, to discuss arrangements for their child’s orientation and commencement.

Child care placements do not automatically carry over to the next year. Parents/guardians are required to re-enrol the child at the end of the year should they wish to use care the following year.

Forms are given out in October/November for parents/guardians to change or re-confirm their next year’s child care requirements any alteration to a child’s care will be based on available spaces and current waiting lists requirements.

It is vital that parents/guardians keep the service informed of any changes to enrolment details e.g. change of work, telephone, emergency contacts, custodial arrangement etc. Enrolment forms will be reviewed annually and changes should be made directly to the form throughout the year.

Arrival and Departures

Children can only be collected from the centre by authorised persons. All arrivals and departures must be noted on the sign in/out sheets with the exact times. Sign in/out sheets are located in each room and these sheets are used as a record in emergencies of who is in the building.

On arrival we would really like to hear about the following:

  • How was your child when they went home last time from care?
  • How was their morning?
  • Did they sleep well?
  • Did they eat breakfast?
  • Did something different occur since we saw you?
  • Is there something you or your child would like to share with us?
  • Who will be picking up your child?
  • Do you have medication that you would like us to give to your child?

What to Bring

All children should bring:                       

  • A bag large enough for belongings
  • A complete change of clothing including socks, underwear, etc. seasonally appropriate). – Children under 2 or toilet training will require extra changes
  • A wide brimmed sun hat
  • A coat and hat in colder weather
  • Comfort items/security blanket (if needed)
  • A water bottle/sipper cup for children to access during the day (Clearly named)
  • Disposable nappies, if required (1 nappy per hour). (Nancy Vibert Childcare)
  • Arthur Dickmann and Frank Pullar Long Day Care Services provide cloth nappies for all children. Parents may choose to supply their own disposable nappies if they wish.
  • Own named baby bottle, if required
  • Please provide bottle with water and formula in a separate container
  • If child is on cow’s milk, service can provide cow’s milk
  • Nancy Vibert Occasional Care only – A packed nutritious lunch 

All items should be named to prevent any loss or confusion. All children are provided with their own space in which to keep their belongings. Parents must not leave unsafe items, including medication, in their child’s bag.

Appropriate Clothing


Children learn and develop through play. We encourage them to explore a wide range of materials and activities, including messy play. Please dress your child appropriately in clothes that allow them to enjoy messy play and won’t restrict their movement.


For your child’s safety, you are asked not to send your child in thongs, sandals or open toed shoes. Shoes need to be comfortable, well fitted and suitable for running, outdoor play and climbing.

General Information

Cloth nappies will be covered by waterproof pants provided by service. Toilet trained children (no matter what their age) will wear underpants at all times.