Festive Decorations Advisory Committee

The Festive Decorations Advisory Committee will advise Council on the purchase, installation and maintenance of annual festive decorations. It has no executive authority and will operate in accordance with these Terms of Reference.


The role of the Festive Decorations Advisory Committee is to:

  • act as an advisory committee to the Council on the purchase, installation and maintenance of annual festive decorations
  • make recommendations to Council regarding increase to stock of festive decorations
  • liaise with all relevant parties to facilitate the purchase, installation and maintenance of Council festive decorations
  • promote community involvement in creating a festive atmosphere in Greater Shepparton by appointment of community members to the advisory committee
  • assist Council with the resolution of conflicts should they occur
  • ensure recommendations by the committee are consistent with the objectives of Council
  • organise meetings, forums, seminars or other activities that may assist the committee in meeting its goals
  • report any risk management or OHS issues regarding the decorations to the relevant Council officers

Committee Membership

The membership of the committee shall consist of the following members and be approved by Council:

  • up to seven members representative of the community, for a two year term; and
  • representatives from each of the following Council departments:
    • Investment Attraction - 2 representatives
    • Neighbourhoods - 1 representative
    • Works - 1 representative
    • Recreation - 1 representative
    • Parks - 1 representative

The Council will call for nominations to fill vacant community positions by way of notice in the public notice section of the Shepparton News before appointing community representatives to the committee.

Outgoing committee members are eligible to seek reappointment following the call for nominations by public notice.

The term of office for community members will commence on appointment and cease on expiry of their two year term.

Join the Committee

Council is currently calling for applications from interested people to fill up
the community positions on the committee, for a two year term.

Applications will be received until 5pm on Friday 5 June 2015. For more information contact Council’s Investment Attraction Branch on (03) 5832 9847.