Future plans for the ABGS

Construction of the ABGS is well under way, with many new features planned for future development.

Shelters and seating

The site is 22.6 hectares and has many walking path options. Seating and shelters will be installed around the site as each section is progressed. Some seating has been built into The Indigenous Weaving Garden consisting of iron bark slab seating installed on top of a woven steel base.

Children’s Natural Playground

A site has been selected.                     

Elevated Viewing Deck

The elevated viewing deck will be built to extend from the top of the mound into air space and provide visitors with an opportunity to experience the spectacular view across the wetlands to the north of the mound.  

Interpretive signage

Quality interpretive signage will enhance people’s understanding and enjoyment of the Gardens and will meet the increasing demand for educational visits and repeat visitation.


As yet there are no permanent toilet facilities on site. There is one portable toilet available if required. The nearest toilets are at Riverside Plaza on the Goulburn Valley Highway, about 1km away.

Visitor Centre

As part of a long term vision the Gardens will eventually contain a visitor centre, education facility and café.  

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