Help Removing Graffiti on Private Property

Council provides help to local residents and businesses in removing graffiti from their properties and in preventing its return.

Removing graffiti quickly is one of the most effective ways of deterring further vandalism and keeping local streets looking their best.

When graffiti disappears from view quickly, it removes the incentive for people to commit this kind of vandalism in the future.

Community Trailer

Who can use it?

  • Schools
  • Traders and business groups
  • Sporting groups
  • Service clubs

Council also has a small group of trained volunteers who can remove graffiti from private homes. Residents can report the graffiti to Council and volunteers will schedule the work.

How much does it cost?

The trailer is free to use and includes all cleaning chemicals. The trailer is fitted with a compressor for painting over surfaces if necessary, however paint is to be supplied by the property owner.

$50 paint vouchers are available after graffiti reports are made to the police. The private property owner will make a report, collect the paint voucher and buy the paint they require.

Can the trailer be used for other cleaning?

Yes. Whilst graffiti is our prime target, the trailer can be used to clean other infrastructure.

What sort of vehicle do I need for towing?

Towing capacity of 2 tonnes. An adaptor for wiring connection will also be made available if necessary.

Pre-requisites for using the trailer

Before using the trailer, you will need to complete Council’s trailer induction. Contact Council to book for the next available session

Graffiti Removal Kits

Report an incident of graffiti on your private property to the Police and they will give you a free kit. (Limit of one per household.) 

Visit your local Greater Shepparton police station to report the damage and pick up your free kit while you're there. Alternatively, visit Council's Customer Service Centre in Shepparton with a copy of your police report.

$50 Paint Vouchers

If the graffiti is not able to be removed using your free graffiti removal kit, present your police report to the customer service desk at Council offices in Welsford Street and receive your voucher.