‘Your Move’ Graffiti Prevention Short Film

This short film was produced by Council in partnership with students of Wanganui Park Secondary College and Victoria Police Shepparton.

The project is part of the Victorian Government’s Community Crime Prevention Program.

‘Your Move’ - Graffiti prevention short film

The five-minute educational film is intended to encourage our local youth to make better life choices by highlighting some positive suggestions. It is also available in DVD format. 

For more information view the ‘Your Move’ Short Film news article.

Information for teachers

We hope teachers will find the above video to be a valuable resource for the classroom. It can be used as a conversation starter for teachers to encourage discussion around the subject of peer pressure associated with any anti-social and high risk behaviour.

Please download our ‘Information for Teachers’ document below. 

Street Art Brochure

Where graffiti is done in a legal space, it is referred to as urban art or street art

Graffiti style art is becoming more popular and people are prepared to pay for it these days. Graffiti artists are increasingly being commissioned to paint entire walls for home and business owners as well as large canvases and custom work.

The following brochure contains information about how you can change a hobby from a crime into a career!

If you like to draw but you don’t think you’re good enough to make a living out of it – think again.

PDF, 243 KB

‘Your Move’ Survey

The following online survey has been created to be completed in conjunction with the ‘Your Move’ short film. 

Take the ‘Your Move’ Online Survey