The ‘Getting There’ Network

The need for improved transport across the region has been identified as a key priority for Greater Shepparton City Council residents. To assist to improve and provide sustainable transport solutions for Greater Shepparton residents, Council is an active partner of the ‘Getting There’ Network.

The Getting There Network is the legacy of the North East Transport Connections Project, Phase 3, which was funded by the Deptartment of Planning and Community Development. The Project ran from February 2011 and concluded in June 2013.                                                 

The Network is the newest service arm of Community Accessibility Inc. and brings together information on how to get around the Hume Region of Victoria and beyond. The Network's purpose is to enable people to enjoy greater wellbeing through access and a collaborative approach to transport.  They are regionally based and provide a portal for all transport information, services and assistance programs as well as being a means of assisting you to access transport assets in your community.

You can access this information in a number of ways.

  1. Visit the Getting There website
  2. Email:
  3. Phone the Network on 1300 704 530
  4. Or accessing one of our locally based Transport Experts.

The Getting There website provides information and links to:

  • ticketing and myki Information;
  • assisted transport and travellers aid;
  • visitor information centres;
  • community transport;
  • local service providers;
  • Public Transport Victoria;
  • journey planning;
  • getting around  Melbourne;
  • concession information; and 
  • volunteering opportunities.