Draft Rating Strategy 2017-2021

Councils collect rates (which are a form of property tax) from property owners, to fund community infrastructure and services that benefit the whole community. Council's Rating Strategy determines the share of revenue contributed by each property.

Note that the Rating Strategy doesn't influence the total amount of money that needs to be raised; this is the focus of the current Draft Annual Budget.

Council’s current Rating Strategy was developed in 2012. A review of the strategy has been undertaken to ensure the equitable distribution of rates continues in accordance with the Local Government Act and Ministerial Guidelines.

Key Elements

Council’s Rating Strategy 2017-2021 is framed around the following key elements:

  1. That Greater Shepparton City Council continues to apply differential rating as its rating system.
  2. That separate differential rates not be introduced for properties defined as retirement/lifestyle villages.
  3. That the amount raised by the municipal charge be maintained at the existing proportion of total municipal charge and general rate revenue of 12%.
  4. That the basis of valuation for rating purposes continue to be Capital Improved Value.
  5. That Council remove the 15 February full payment option and offer four instalments or 10 monthly direct debit.

Other information incorporated into Council’s Rating Strategy includes details regarding the property valuation process, payment due dates and payment options, interest on arrears, the government funded pensioner rebate and financial hardship.

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