Draft Waste and Resource Recovery Management Strategy

The Greater Shepparton City Council’s Waste and Resource Recovery Management Strategy 2013 -2023 has been reviewed and redeveloped and is now ready for community consultation.

This strategy outlines how Council will manage its waste services and specifies strategies and measurable actions that are aligned with the federal, state and local government strategic and policy frameworks. It will also ensure that waste management is well established as part of Council’s plan for the future.

With a focus on key areas, the Waste Strategy 2013 -2023 (2018 Revision) aims to define Greater Shepparton City Council’s current situation ‘where are we now’ in regards to the management of waste and ‘where we want to be’. By identifying the gaps between our current situation and future aspirations the required actions have been identified to achieve the desired outcome.

Council encourages you to read the Waste and Resource Recover Strategy 2013 – 2023 (2018 Revision) below and provide your comments using the feedback form below.

This consultation process will remain open until 5.00pm Friday, 1 February 2019.

2013 - 2023 (Revised 2018)

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