Princess Park Future Directions Plan and Landscape Masterplan

The Princess Park Future Directions Plan has been developed to provide Greater Shepparton City Council with a vision for supporting the future use, development, management, and maintenance of Princess Park, which responds to current and future community need.

The Plan considers the needs and expectations of the local community, Council’s priorities for improving the liveability of the Greater Shepparton community and condition and functionality of the Park.

It should also be noted that the financial implications of the recommended actions have been provided at a preliminary level. More affirmative costs will be developed in time and will therefore influence the priority and implementation timeframes. In this context preliminary costings of the recommendations is in the order of $5.5m to $7.5m. While some of the actions may be delivered by in kind work and others under existing funding arrangements, the larger components requiring capital investment will be subject to detailed design and cost estimation with implementation subject to funding.

In developing the Future Directions Plan for Princess Park the following research has been undertaken:

  1. A review of key planning documents to understand the strategic priorities of Greater Shepparton City Council, State and Regional Sporting Associations, local Clubs and major event organisers
  2. An assessment of the current and future profile of the Greater Shepparton community and an assessment of sport and recreation trends, to understand how demand for and use of Princess Park may change in the future
  3. Consultation with key stakeholders including the user groups, neighbouring residents and businesses, Council officers, and State Sporting Associations
  4. An audit of the existing buildings within Princess Park to understand their condition, functionality and likely lifespan.

The information gathered through this research has been used to:

  1. Analyse local participation demand, to identify opportunities for servicing the needs of key sporting groups and events who require access to Princess Park
  2. Identify issues and opportunities associated the high levels of use and demands for Princess Park.
  3. Develop guiding principles to assist Council in making decisions and establishing priorities for the future use, development, management and maintenance of Princess Park.
  4. Identify and develop priority actions for Princess Park.

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