Youth Strategy and Action Plan

The Greater Shepparton City Council’s Youth Strategy and Action Plan has been reviewed and redeveloped and is now ready for community consultation.

The Youth Strategy and Action Plan 2019-2022 is an important document that will continue to guide the work and commitment of the Council and its key stakeholders within the youth sector. Collaboratively, we will continue to provide invaluable services and opportunities to young people to ensure they are supported and feel valued whilst they go about their lives within our municipality.

In order to develop the Youth Strategy and Action Plan 2019-2022, consultation was undertaken with young people and service providers. This consisted of:

  • five Community Youth Workshops
  • seventeen Key Stakeholder meetings
  • five week open survey throughout the municipality to canvas views on key challenges and opportunities.

We also:

  • reviewed local, regional, state and national policies, strategies and research documents
  • undertook a demographic analysis of the municipality
  • benchmarked against Youth Services in other Local Government Areas
  • mapped youth services that are available within the municipality.

This information was analysed and utilised to prepare a Youth Strategy and Action Plan 2019-2022 that is realistic and achievable, and considers the needs and expectations of young people, the local community and Council and the youth sector’s priorities.

Please read the Youth Strategy and Action Plan 2019-2022 below and let us know what you think using the feedback form.

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