Work Experience and Professional Placement

Council encourages work experience and professional placement for students in an innovative local government environment.

Here at Council we help students meet their educational requirements, develop and enhance their skills so they gain an accurate perspective of the working environment in their chosen field.

Apply for work experience

To request for work experience please fill out our online application form which can be sent directly to the Human Resources Department with at least one month's notice. The student's resume and cover letter should be attached to the form. Once your request has been received, the Human Resources Department will contact you to discuss possible placement.

* Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Personal details

School/University/Institute details

Please specify the start and end dates for the period in which you would like to undertake placement or work experience.

Emergency contact details

eg. Parent, Guardian.


Insurance Coverage

If you are required to complete work experience as part of your study or schooling, your college or school will have the appropriate Public Liability Coverage. Proof of insurance is to be supplied along with your resume and cover letter when requesting work experience. Individuals not participating in college or school programs can apply for public liability coverage with insurance companies. Without cover, work experience requests will be at risk to Council's decision.

Finalise application

If 'Yes', please provide details in the comments field below.

Please remember to email your resume, cover letter and workplace arrangement form (this form includes proof of insurance and can be obtained from your education institute) to the Human Resources department.

For further information regarding Council's Work Experience program please contact the Human Resources department on 03 5832 9593.

Please note: Council reserves the right to refuse work experience placements.