The Balaclava Road / Verney Road / New Dookie Road / Hawdon Street intersection will be upgraded from a roundabout to a signalised intersection to reduce congestion and improve safety, particularly during peak demand periods.

Works Program

Delivery of this contract will be undertaken in two stages.

Stage One: Commenced week of 29 July 2019

Works will start on the northern half of the intersection on Verney Road from Balaclava/New Dookie Roads to Elm Terrace.  This section of road will be closed to traffic throughout this period.  Access to residences, businesses and schools will be maintained throughout this period.

Stage Two: Expected to start November/December 2019

Works will move to the southern half of the intersection on Hawdon Street from Balaclava/New Dookie Roads to Feshti Street. This section of road will be closed to traffic throughout this period.  Access to residences, businesses and schools will be maintained throughout this period. The intersection upgrade is scheduled for completion by May 2020.

Stage One Traffic Management

During Stage One, drivers will only be able to enter the intersection via Verney and Balaclava Roads. Traffic will be temporarily reduced to one lane over the weekend and will only allow for traffic approaching from Balaclava Road and Verney Road to enter New Dookie Road.

Traffic travelling along New Dookie Road and Hawdon Street will not be able to access the roundabout during the demolition works. Detour signs will be in place, so please plan your trip accordingly.

The Balaclava Rd / Verney Rd Intersection Upgrade - Stage 1 Traffic Management Portrait
The Balaclava/Verney Rd Intersection Upgrade - Stage 1 Traffic Management Portrait shows traffic management and detour details in place during Stage 1 of construction until Nov/Dec 2019. (Click image to open PDF)

Maps, Plans, and Traffic Study

Balaclava Road Verney Road Intersection Upgrade - Revised layout plan following community consultation
Balaclava Road Verney Road Intersection Upgrade - Revised layout plan following community consultation (Click top open PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the roundabout being upgraded?

In 2015, Council identified that significant traffic congestion was occurring at and around the existing roundabout intersection of Verney Road, New Dookie Road, Hawdon Street and Balaclava Road. The associated traffic study determined that the roundabout was already operating at capacity in the peak AM and PM periods and was not capable of catering for predicted future growth. The traffic study also identified a range of safety issues associated with the current roundabout in this location.

Why were traffic lights chosen?

A local area traffic study was commissioned by Council for which a report was prepared in April 2016. The only suitable intersection option identified by the report that would accommodate future projected traffic volumes and fit within available space was a signalised intersection with additional traffic lanes. The local area traffic study investigated existing traffic volumes and movements along the roads network within the local vicinity of existing Balaclava Road / Verney Road roundabout. It then determined what traffic treatments would be required to accommodate future traffic growth.

What work is being done?

  • Water Main Replacement
  • Service authorities asset relocation
  • Construction of signalised intersection
  • Road pavement construction with additional traffic lanes
  • Centre of Road traffic medians
  • Line Marking
  • Street Lighting
  • Landscaping

How long will the works take?

Construction is expected to start mid-January 2019 on the relocation of the water main. The main works will commence in July 2019, and are anticipated to be completed by May 2020.

Will the intersection be closed during the upgrade?

It is proposed that during construction, one-way-traffic will still be able to use New Dookie, Hawdon, Verney and Balaclava Roads.

How will I access my home or work?

Access to your property will be maintained throughout the construction period, although on some occasions temporary closure may be required. If closure is required adequate notification will be provided to the land owners.

Can I park out the front of my business in New Dookie Road?

Council is currently investigating indented parking into nature strips along New Dookie Road.

What changes will be made to parking in the area?

Permanent long stay parking will no longer be available in sections of Hawdon Street, New Dookie, Balaclava or Verney Roads, however Council is investigating the possibility of implementing a “Clear Way” time parking restrictions during peak periods.

Can I park in Balaclava Road and drop my children to school?

There is no parking permitted along Balaclava Road from Verney Road to Clive Street on the southern side of the road. There is currently no parking on the northern side of Verney Road. Council is currently investigating alternative parking areas within the road reserve along Balaclava Road.

Will there be changes to traffic wanting to turn into any of the major roads near the intersection?

You will not be able to make a right hand turn from Glenn Street to New Dookie Road due to safety requirements, which include increased traffic lanes and a new centre road traffic median. You will not be able to turn from Ash Street into New Dookie Road due to a new slip lane being constructed from Verney to New Dookie Road, as part of the signalised intersection upgrade.

Will any of my services, such as power, water and or waste collection be disrupted?

There will be limited disruptions to your services (water, gas, electricity, and telecommunications) during the construction. Service authorities will directly notify you of any disruptions. Your waste will continue to be collected as per usual.

Will there still be a school crossing on Verney Road?

Yes, the school crossing will move to the signalised intersection which provides a safer crossing location for children.

Will proposed works affect the current bicycle lanes?

Yes. There will no longer be any on-road bicycle lanes along Hawdon Street from Balaclava Road to Glenlyon Avenue, and Balaclava Road (south side) from Hawdon Street to Clive Street. Council is currently investigating alternative bicycles routes within this area.

If I have a question or concern, who do I contact?

For further information please contact Craig Exton, Manager Projects for Greater Shepparton City Council, on (03) 5832 9700.


11 December 2018 Community information session
18 December 2018 Water main tender awarded at Council Meeting
January 2019 Bus Shelter relocation begins
January / February 2019 Works to commence on water main for 5 months
21 May 2019 Civil Contract awarded to Jarvis Delahey Contractors
1 to 12 July 2019 Gas asset relocation works
29 July 2019 Stage One of intersection works begins
November / December 2019 Stage Two of intersection works begins
April / May 2020 Works completed

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