Demolition of service station and café

Greater Shepparton City Council will commence demolition works on the former service station and café at Victoria Park Lake from 12 February 2018, in line with the Victoria Park Lake Masterplan.

A time-lapse video of the demolition

Building site

Who are the contractors and do they have experience with this sort of work?

Paige Courtney Pty Ltd (Hopley Group) are a licenced demolition contractor. They have extensive demolition experience and crush and sell materials from their demolition works.

How many vehicles will be on site and how will traffic in and out be managed?

On average 6 to 8 vehicles will be onsite at one time, however it is highly dependent on the task.

What are the operating times for the work crews?

The standard work day is 7am to 3.30pm, however it will be dependent on needs, and could be as late as 5.30pm.

How long will the works take? (stage 1 and stage 2)

Three months, however that is dependent on environmental testing and required remediation works.

What will happen with the demolished materials?

A majority of the materials will be recycled and a small portion (building insulation and cool room infrastructure) will be sent to landfill.

How will contamination be dealt with if found?

How contamination is managed is dependent on final environmental test results and Council will be remediating any contamination in accordance with the relevant standards applicable.

Why is there no withholding period for building on the site if it is contaminated?

There is no regulatory requirement to hold contaminates onsite. Council may dispose of categorised waste at an appropriately licensed landfill or treatment facility.

How will noise, dust and debris be controlled?

Equipment noise is unavoidable but the contractor will be working within the EPA guidelines for construction times. The contractor will also be utilising a water truck to manage dust and detailed standard operating procedures to manage the temporary stockpiling of materials for transportation.

How will the site be made safe?

The site will be made safe with security fencing and signage.

Will there be security?

Council will not provide details on security. It can be noted however that the site is high traffic area and community safety will be paramount.

Environment / Planning

How many trees need to be removed?

Stage 1 Demolition does not include tree removal and final tree removal number is under review.

Are there any historic/cultural considerations for the site?

The site has undergone multiple assessments (cultural and heritage) which all indicate there are no significant considerations.

Will wildlife be affected by the works and how will you monitor this?

There will limited impact on wildlife.

Why is the Minister for Planning involved in this project?

The Minister for Planning Minister prepared and approved an Amendment to the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme to facilitate the SAM Redevelopment Project. In doing so, the Minister also exempted himself from the notice requirements of Sections 17, 18 and 19 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The reasons for this are summarised below:

  • Council engaged with the community, stakeholders and agencies over a four year period in relation to the conception, location and form of a new arts museum, allowing parties an opportunity to speak to their submissions and has reasonably considered all views as part of their strategic planning process.
  • The Project is supported by Council’s strategic objectives as documented in the Victoria Park Lake Masterplan 2016, Greater Shepparton Council Plan 2013-2017, Greater Shepparton 2030 Strategy 2006 and the Local Planning Policy and State Planning Policy Frameworks in the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme.
  • The new planning controls address the unique factors affecting the Project in an orderly and efficient manner during the Project design, construction and operational phases.
  • The Project is of regional significance, which is reflected in the funding commitment from both State and Federal Governments.


What about parking, will I still be able to park at the location and on Wyndham Street?

Yes, stage 1 demolition will only affect the Victoria park lake café parking and service station parks.

Will parking time limits be changed or will there be less parks?

No, and there will be a reduction of approximately 10 car parks until the new SAM is completed.

Caravan park

Can I still access the caravan park?

Yes, the access along FitzJohn Street will be available

Will the works impact on people wanting to stay there?


Lake use

Can I still use the paths near the site?


Can I use the toilets and BBQ shelters?


Will it be safe for me to run/walk/cycle near the area?

Community members must adhere to any signage around the worksite, but in most cases yes, it will be safe to run walk and cycle near the worksite as security fencing will be erected isolating the site from the general public.

What about events at the lake, can these still happen?

Stage 1 demolition should not affect events in the park.


What is cost of the demolition?

The demolition of the Victoria park lake café and service station is a part of the Victoria Park Lake Master Plan and is approximately $300,000.

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