Horses in a Residential or Commercial Area (Fact Sheet 18)

Community Living Local Law No 1 states:

6.7 Horses

  1. No person may without a permit keep any horse on any property in a residential or commercial area.


    First offence - 2 penalty units ($200.00)
    Second or subsequent offence - 4 penalty units ($400.00)

  2. A permit to keep a horse on any property in a residential or commercial area shall not be granted unless the property concerned:
    1. Is of an area of not less than 500 square metres; and
    2. Has an adequate water supply; and
    3. Is securely fenced on all sides.
  3. A permit for the keeping of a horse on any property in a residential or commercial area will be assessed on the following basis:
    1. The zoning of the land;
    2. The proximity of adjoining properties;
    3. The amenity of the area;
    4. The likely effects of adjoining owners;
    5. The adequacy of shedding and fencing; and
    6. Any other matters relevant to the circumstances associated with the application
  4. Prior to the assessment of an application for a permit under this clause, the applicant must advise all adjoining owners of the application in writing and of the fact that they may make written comments on the application to Council within 14 days of the advice of the application, and provide evidence to Council of such notification.
  5. In assessing an application for a permit as required by clause 6.7(a), Council must take into consideration the views expressed in writing by adjoining landowners.

For more information please contact the Local Laws Branch on (03) 5832 9741.