Kialla West Cemetery

Greater Shepparton City Council, as trustee of the Kialla West Cemetery, provides a cemetery that is welcoming, peaceful and respectful of the values, beliefs and customs of all members of the community.

The Kialla West Cemetery is located at 7374 Goulburn Valley Highway, Kialla West.

The Cemetery is situated 10 kilometres south of Shepparton on five acres of property in a rural setting and provides cemetery services to Greater Shepparton and surrounding districts.

The following sections are provided within the cemetery:

  • Presbyterian
  • Roman Catholic
  • Church of England
  • Muslim
  • Non-denominational

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Memorial Types

All sites are offered in perpetuity.


Each grave provides the option for two bodily and ashes interments with the exception of interments in the Muslim area. Families are able to install a plaque, headstone or monumental headstone, in consultation with the Cemetery Trust, to provide a lasting commemoration of a loved one. 


Kialla West Cemetery offers ashes interments in either existing or new graves. Families are able to install a plaque, headstone or monumental headstone in consultation with the Cemetery Trust.

Muslim interments

Kialla West Cemetery recognises the traditions of the Muslim community and has developed separate spaces for the internment of Muslim children and adults in accordance with cultural practices. These sites can accommodate one burial in each. 

All graves in the Muslim area are covered in white stone. A personalised plaque, which may be written in any language, can be designed by the family and affixed to a granite plinth in commemoration of the loved one. These memorials must be ordered and installed by the Trust. Please contact the Trust for further information.


For complete peace of mind, Kialla West Cemetery Trust offers you the option to reserve your choice of memorial location. Our staff can provide you with information regarding the options available and assist you with securing a reservation.

Cemetery Regulations

It is natural for people to want to decorate a grave or memorial for sentimental or religious reasons. The Kialla West Cemetery Trust recognises this and has developed the below Regulations to help you to do this in a way which will minimise the risk to our workers and visitors while respecting the needs of other mourners:

  • Only those flower containers which are incorporated into a plinth, granite desk, monumental headstone at the time of installation can be used in the cemetery.
  • Natural and artificial flowers will be removed and disposed by Trust staff when they become withered or unsightly.
  • Any tribute which has been dislodged and is not clearly identifiable as to which grave or site it relates to will be removed and disposed of by Trust staff.
  • The use of glass or ceramic objects or vessels on memorials is strictly prohibited.
  • No loose memorial items are permitted on the lawn area at any location within the Kialla West Cemetery.
  • Planting of shrubs, flowers or grass is not permitted by anyone other than Trust staff.
  • Speed limit within the Kialla West Cemetery is restricted to 10 kilometres per hour to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Children should be in the care of an adult at all times.
  • Animals are not allowed in the cemetery grounds at any time (assistance animals accepted).
  • Unauthorised items left on graves, memorial sites or attached to the plinths/headstones will be removed and disposed of by Trust staff.
  • Memorial plaques and headstones must be approved by the Trust prior to installation.
  • Privately arranged memorials will be removed.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of monuments, plaques and headstones is the family’s responsibility and must be undertaken in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. It is important to note that weathering over time will occur. Cleaning using warm water and a soft cloth (no abrasive cleaners, penetrating chemicals or solvents) may be undertaken to encourage longevity.

For more information about the Kialla West Cemetery, please contact Greater Shepparton City Council on 5832 9700.

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