Desexing Voucher Scheme

The Australian Veterinary Association, Victorian Division, together with the Municipal Association of Victoria and the Greater Shepparton City Council operate the cat and dog reduced fee desexing voucher scheme.


The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), together with local councils have developed a scheme providing low income pet owners with a reduction in the cost of desexing (spaying and castration) of cats and dogs. The scheme aims to ensure that everyone in the community has access to the desexing procedure for their animals. It is hoped that through the promotion of desexing there will be a decrease in the numbers of unwanted puppies and kittens. Desexing also leads to a range of medical and behavioural benefits. 

Cat and dog reduced fee desexing voucher scheme

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How councils and the AVA provide discounts

Under the Scheme, the veterinary practitioner discounts their advertised fee by 25% to the customer. The issuing council then pays a set amount directly to the veterinary practice on receipt of the veterinarian’s account. The pet owner pays the remaining amount of the desexing fee directly to the vet, either on admission for or discharge from surgery.

How the scheme operates

Greater Shepparton City Council offers desexing vouchers to low income earners who live in the municipality. Pet owners who hold one of the following concession cards (issued by Centrelink) are eligible:

  • Pension concession card;
  • Health care card;
  • Low income health care card; or
  • Commonwealth seniors health card.

Applying for a voucher

Council issues Desexing Vouchers at the Greater Shepparton City Council office, 90 Welsford Street Shepparton during opening hours. Pet owners will need to show their eligible concession card so that details can be recorded on the voucher.

For more information or to apply for a voucher, please visit the Greater Shepparton City Council Office, 90 Welsford Street Shepparton.

The vouchers carry an expiry date of one month from the date of issue by Council.

The pet owner presents the voucher to the veterinary practitioner at the time of admission for desexing and pays the remaining fee direct to the veterinary practitioner after a discount of 25% by the veterinary practitioner. The veterinary practitioner takes the voucher, signs it, and bills Council for the prescribed fee.

Only vouchers issued by Council can be used to access the scheme and only at participating Veterinary clinics. Pet owners who falsify a voucher will have to repay Council and the veterinary practitioner the discounted fee.

Once the voucher has been used, the pet owner will be required to register their dog or cat with Council. All cats and dogs over 3 months old must be microchipped and registered with Council.


  • The scheme is only available to residents within Greater Shepparton municipality.
  • Desexing of the animal will only take place if the owner provides the veterinary practitioner with proof that the animal has been vaccinated. Many veterinary practitioners may be willing to give discounted fees for vaccinations as part of the scheme.
  • A maximum of two vouchers (for 2 dogs, 2 cats or 1 dog and 1 cat) will be issued per household.