“Sustainability” refers to three broad themes (economic, social and environmental) that must all be coordinated and addressed to ensure the long term viability of our community and the natural environment.

Environmental sustainability management is defined as managing human impacts upon, and interactions with, the environment in order to preserve natural resources for present and future generations.

“Sustainable Development” seeks to meet the needs and aspirations of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

This means we need to consider our impacts on water resources, energy source and consumption, the waste we generate, and our impacts on biodiversity (animals and plants).

Greater Shepparton City Council has adopted a sustainable decision-making policy and a procurement policy that supports sustainable purchasing to place sustainability at the forefront of Council activities.

Energy Efficiency

Reducing the amount of energy you use benefits both your budget and the environment. By using energy efficient appliances and only using the energy you need, you reduce your consumption costs on your energy bills, and your carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.

Visit the links below to learn more about how you can improve your energy efficiency in your home and business. 

Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUA)

Council has partnered with the Sustainable Melbourne Fund to enable Environmental Upgrade Agreements for businesses in the municipality to access finance for environmental works. Click here to find out how your business can access an EUA to improve environmental performance whilst reducing business costs.

Solar Photo Voltaic (Solar PV)

Powering your home with renewable energy can be an effective way of reducing both your energy costs and carbon emissions. To ensure the installation of solar panels is cost effective, a number of considerations need to be calculated. These include your roof orientation, shading, your energy consumption profile (including load and time of use) and how long you intend to remain in the dwelling. You also need to consider your contract with your energy retailer to ensure you are receiving the best deal for your situation.

If you are considering installing solar, the Clean Energy Council has released a guide to assist in your decision making:

The Clean Energy Council also has developed a resources list including accredited installers and retailers.

The Victorian State Government has also announced a number of rebates to allow residents access solar, including renters and low income households. Learn more on the Solar Victoria website.


Goulburn Valley Water (GVW) is our urban potable water provider. Visit the GVW website to learn more about being 'waterwise' in your home or business.


Council provides recycling and green waste bins (urban residents only) to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Council also has recycling facilities available at the Shepparton and Ardmona transfer stations. Click here to find out more about our waste services.

Community Sustainability Grants

Council offers Sustainability Grants which support the development and implementation of sustainable projects and events, which assist in achieving sustainability related actions within the Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

Grants are offered in two rounds in line with Council’s funding timelines.

Learn more about the community sustainability grants.

Other Resources

There are many online resources to assist your home or business to become more sustainable.