Investigation Area 2 – Raftery Road, Kialla

Greater Shepparton City Council is undertaking studies and analysis to progress Investigation Area 2.

The Greater Shepparton Housing Strategy 2011 (GSHS) identified “Raftery Road, Kialla” as Investigation Area 2. It states “further work is required on land conditions, servicing and development potential before future zoning options can be fully assessed and determined”.

The Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme at Clause 21.04 – Settlement provides the following direction for Investigation Area 2:

“Investigation Area 2 – Raftery Road, Kialla. The land is adjacent to the Shepparton South Growth Corridor and is situated between the Seven Creeks and Goulburn River corridors. Development is currently restricted by the 8ha minimum lot size under the Rural Living Zone. Higher density development is dependent on issues relating to servicing, flooding and the environmental assets of the two river corridors being resolved.”

Greater Shepparton City Council is progressing the necessary investigation to realise the development potential identified in the GSHS for this area.