Food Independence and Nutritional Education (F.I.N.E.)

Our F.I.N.E. (Food Independence and Nutritional Education) program is specifically targeted at those in the community who may need help with becoming independent when preparing food.

This program operates in groups of no more than four people and has the direct assistance of an experienced cook.

Participants not only have the option to learn or re-learn skills around meal planning, budgeting, shopping, cooking and food safety, they also will be able to do this in a close social group that can prepare meals in a friendly and helpful environment.

Transport to and from the program can be provided and interpreters are available upon request.

Do you or someone you know need assistance with:

  • learning to cook;
  • learning to grocery shop; or
  • learning to adjust meals around changes in the family home?

This may be due to the fact that you:

  • have never cooked for yourself before;
  • have language difficulties;
  • have developed a medical condition;
  • require a change in diet; or
  • have found yourself living alone.

For more information contact Team Leader Positive Ageing on 03 5832 9497.