Become a Family Day Care Educator

Greater Shepparton Family Day Care is a high quality Child Care service that is offered from a home based setting.

We are:

  • Monitored under the National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
  • Subject to annual Department of Education visits and spot visits.
  • Participants in the National Quality Standards

“We are innovative, visionary, passionate and effective leaders in the community, advocating for and committed to giving children the best possible start in life.”

Greater Shepparton Family Day Care works collaboratively with parents/guardians, educators and the community in the provision of quality, home based childcare, in a warm, safe, secure environment where play based learning enhances cultural diversity, independence, self-esteem, creativity, individuality, development, and the principles and outcomes of Being, Belonging and Becoming are embraced.

Coordination Unit

The coordination unit monitors the educators compliance with policies, regulations and national quality standards through:

  • home visits
  • annual safety and hygiene checks
  • ongoing email and phone contact and
  • continuing improvement plans

The Coordination Unit supports educators by:

  • ongoing phone and email support
  • scheduled and unscheduled support visits
  • access to a comprehensive equipment and resource library
  • a facilitated play session
  • paying the educators criminal record and 'Working with Children' check costs
  • providing training and professional development
  • providing a 24 hour on-call service for emergencies
  • timesheet photocopying and processing
  • all paperwork photocopied and delivered
  • resourcing from Coordination Unit
  • networking with other City of Greater Shepparton children’s services
  • yearly calendar and reminders
  • safety book
  • flu shots and
  • Employee Assistance Program service

How do you get paid?

Family Day Care educators will have their fees set in conjunction with the service leader based on qualifications, experience, environment and services offered. The fees range from $7.75—$10.75 per hour (per child).

For example if you charge $7.75 per hour per child and you have four children over eight hours, five days a week, you can earn $1,240 per week.

You have the flexibility to increase your income by offering weekend care or doing casual care during absences. We collect the Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate on behalf of the families and pay it directly to your account. All you need to do is collect the out of pocket cost from the parent/guardian.

It is recommended you factor in on costs such as annual leave, superannuation and tax as this will affect your net income. We also recommend discussing your options with an accountant experienced in Family Day Care.

How many children can you have?

You can have seven children in total, of which four can be under school age. Your own children are counted in this ratio until they turn 13.

Your Family

It is essential that your family supports your decision to become an educator. Things that your family needs to consider are:

  • No smoking on the premises during FDC hours
  • No alcohol consumed on the premises during FDC hours
  • Only G-rated television, movies and games during FDC hours

Family members are also expected to model appropriate language, behaviour and safety guidelines.

Key Responsibility Areas

  • Fundamental understanding of children’s development and implementing and maintaining children’s learning outcomes against the Early Years Learning Framework
  • High regard and knowledge for health, safety and wellbeing for both yourself and children and maintaining accurate records and
  • Ability to communicate to a diverse group through different methods consistently

What do you need to be an educator?

Firstly, complete an application and submit it to the office at:

Family Day Care
10-14 Parkside Drive, Shepparton

We will then schedule you for an interview. If your interview is successful we will complete reference checks and notify you of our decision.

Please complete and return to address above.

PDF, 123 KB

If successful you will need:

  • A Police Check for you and all family members/residents over 17 years of age (renewed every three years)
  • A 'Working with Children Check' for you and a 'Volunteer Check' for all your family members over 18 years of age (renewed every five years)
  • Level II First Aid Certificate
  • CPR certificate updated every 12 months
  • Anaphylaxis Management Certificate
  • Emergency Asthma Management Certificate
  • Rental Permission form (below)
  • Attend all compulsory meetings and trainings and
  • Minimum qualification requirement: Be enrolled and actively working towards Certificate III in Children's Services.

What we will do for you

  • Safety check your home and provide you with some cost effective ideas to make improvements if needed.
  • Present a comprehensive orientation program consisting of:
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Fee setting, tax information and administration techniques
    • Occupational Health and Safety, visit other FDC homes, play and activity ideas, resources and much more
  • We are also able to organise a fourth orientation for your family if they would like more information.

The information on this page is available to download in PDF format.

PDF, 742 KB