Employment and Income

Many Australians are doing it tough right now. This section contains information and services to help you if your employment has been affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).


I need to travel to NSW for work? Can I cross the border? Do I need a permit?

No, there are currently no restrictions moving between Victoria and NSW.

I’ve been stood-down or let go from my job. What financial assistance is available?

Losing your job is scary, there's no doubt about it. But know that you're not alone, and there is support available. Here is a list of ways you can get help, in the hope it'll make these tough times a little easier.

Under the JobKeeper Payment, businesses impacted by the coronavirus will be able to access a subsidy to continue paying their employees. 

As an employee, have a chat to your employer as they are likely to know if they have plans to apply for the payment.

If you're not eligible for JobKeeper, there are two payments you might be eligible for - the JobSeeker Payment and the Coronavirus Supplement.

  • The JobSeeker Payment - formerly known as Newstart - is for those who are unemployed or do not have enough work. The JobSeeker Payment pays $565.70/fortnight.
  • The Coronavirus Supplement is a temporary, additional top-up payment of $550 a fortnight for people receiving eligible support payments. This includes JobSeeker, Youth Allowance, Austudy, Abstudy, Sickness Allowance, Parenting Payment and Farm Household Allowance. It will be applied automatically if you're eligible. The Coronavirus Supplement will begin on April 27 and will be available for at least 6 months.

You can also take out up to $10,000 from your superannuation, tax-free. Make sure you read up on this and understand what this means for your super if you go ahead with it.

For more information please visit the Centrelink website or call Centrelink on 132 850.

What employment agencies are available that can help me find a job?

Where can I get financial advice? Should I access my superannuation? How can I budget with a reduced income?

Greater Shepparton has many expert financial advisers who would be more than willing to talk about your situation and the options that you may have available. This might include questions such as should I access my superannuation, am I eligible for government financial assistance, how can I budget to live with a reduced income etc.

How can I look for ways to reduce my spending now I have less income?

Look at your expenses to see where you can make quick savings. Every little bit will help.

Find quick wins; look through your bank or credit card statements for the last two months. Identify anything that isn't essential, or you can defer for a while. This could be things like subscriptions or memberships.

Reduce your grocery bills by:

  • Plan meals in advance and only shop for the ingredients in those meals.
  • Buy home or own brands where you can.
  • Buy fruit and vegetables that are in season or on sale.
  • Cook meals like soups and pasta sauces that have lots of left overs you can freeze for later.
  • Meat can be expensive, so plan some meals that don't include meat.

With utilities, compare energy suppliers to make sure you're getting the best deal. Use the Government's Energy Made Easy website or Victorian Energy Compare.

If you have bills due for utilities such as electricity, gas, phone and water, contact your provider straight away. Explain your situation and tell them you would like to apply for financial hardship. You may be able to pay the bills in instalments, or get an extension to pay. Also ask if you're eligible for a utility rebate or voucher.

A budget is the best tool you have to put a financial plan in place for the next 3 months.

Use your expected income and spending to create a new budget. It will help you think about your finances in the longer-term and feel more in control. Use any surplus you have each week to add to your emergency fund. This will give you a buffer to cover for any unexpected expenses.


Small Business

What is the Victorian Government offering to assist businesses?

As part of a $1.7 billion economic survival package, the Victorian Government has announced $500 million to establish a Business Support Fund to assist small to medium businesses most impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

To apply for the Business Support Fund, visit the website

Business Victoria website

What is Council offering to assist local businesses?

Council initiated a suite of measures through the introduction of a Stage 1 $1.5 million Greater Shepparton Economic Response to COVID-19 Package.

This Package aims to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the health and wellbeing of Greater Shepparton residents, our vulnerable community, and provide immediate and ongoing support to our local businesses that are currently experiencing devastating levels of disruption and uncertainty.

While the full local economic effects from the pandemic are yet to be fully understood, the Package provides timely financial and direct support to businesses and the broader community to assist in managing and navigating the immediate and ongoing impact of COVID-19.

Council’s Package seeks to build on relief plans and various measures announced by the Federal and State Governments rather than duplicate their efforts.

And while the Package offers direct funding relief, it further provides actions to strengthen the on-going resilience and capacity within the community, as well as enabling Council to be more agile in its planning, processing and delivery of services.

Economic Response to COVID-19 Package

Are there any local businesses that are sharing information and resources? How can I offer my business' services to assist others? 

The Greater Shepparton Response hub is an information sharing hub which has a business and community directory as well as business and community noticeboards to share information, deployment of resources can be discussed, and we can work as a team to get the Greater Shepparton community through this unprecedented crisis.

Here you will find critical information for businesses affected by COVID 19

There are two streams to the Greater Shepparton Response hub, Business and Community. The noticeboard will be moderated and only those who register can see what is posted. Registrations are restricted to Greater Shepparton businesses and community service organisations.

Greater Shepparton Response website


Shepparton Work and Learning Centre

Do you have working rights ? You may be eligible for our free service. Have you lost your job or lost hours at work as a result of COVID-19? If you answered yes, please email wlcshepparton@bsl.org.au or contact Penny on 0490 120 245 to discuss your eligibility.

Our specialist team of Work and Learning Advisors are ready to help find the training and employment opportunities that are right for you.

  • Job search support
  • Interview skills and CV preparation
  • Training in workplace culture
  • Work experience support
  • Connection with local employers
  • Referrals to related support if needed

Brotherhood of St Laurence website

Goulburn Murray LLEN

The GMLLEN vision is that all youth in our communities are successfully engaged in education, training and employment. GMLLEN operates within the geographical boundaries of the City of Greater Shepparton, Moira and Strathbogie Shires.

Local Learning and Employment Networks (LLENs) play a central role in implementing the Victorian Government’s career education and vocational pathways agenda, with a focus on a commitment to ensure students have clear connections to the world of work and support a strong model of school-employer engagement. The LLEN will facilitate partnerships and broker initiatives between education industry, training providers, local community organisations. Call 0413 438 289.

GMLLEN website