New Business Grant

Greater Shepparton City Council invites you to make an application for funding through the New Business Grant.

The New Business Grant has been established in order to assist with economic development opportunities and investment in Greater Shepparton. Funding will be provided for infrastructure or initiatives that support the establishment of new businesses in Greater Shepparton.

Funding will be provided to property owners to make improvements to commercial properties in order to secure new tenants or assist with the establishment of new businesses.

The total pool of the grant is $30,000 per year and will fund projects up to a value of $10,000. This funding is provided in the form of a minimum $1 to $1 matching investment from Council to support infrastructure or projects that support new businesses. Funding will only be provided where there is a direct link to the establishment of a new business within Greater Shepparton.

Grant funding will be made available, by electronic bank transfer, once all works have been completed, inspected and photographed by Council. Council reserves the right to use photographs for promotional purposes.

How to apply

It is required that you contact Council’s Business Development Coordinator to discuss your project before you can make your application.

Business Development Coordinator
Phone: (03) 5832 1101

Please read the Guidelines carefully to ensure you are eligible to apply and to assist you to complete all sections of the application process.

You can find more useful resources on our Information for Businesses page, and at the Greater Shepparton Business Centre.

Background and Objectives

The New Business Grant has been established in order to encourage investment and the establishment of new businesses in Greater Shepparton. The Grant is designed to provide support to new businesses to assist with their establishment and to support the growth of the local economy. The Grant has the following objectives

  1. Business growth
    To support the growth of business in Greater Shepparton by encouraging new investment, start-ups and greater employment opportunities.
  2. Sustainable economy
    To encourage the establishment of new, innovative businesses and enhance the diversity of Greater Shepparton’s retail mix.
  3. Premise and precinct activation
    To support private sector initiatives that complement Council’s activation and revitalisation projects.
  4. Investment promotion
    To promote Greater Shepparton as an attractive place to work, live and invest.


To be eligible for funding assistance under the New Business Grant, applications must satisfy the following:

  1. New businesses must be located within Greater Shepparton and be located within the CBD Precinct Boundary (see map in Business Grant Guidelines document below) or within the main streets of small towns where there is commercial use.
  2. Applicants must have signed a tenancy agreement within the specified area no more than six months before submitting an application or three months after being issued a grant. Applicant will not be issued with funds until after tenancy agreement is signed.
    1. The minimum term of the lease must be 5 years. Lease agreements that have at least an initial 3 year term with an opportunity to extend an additional 2 years (or equivalent) are also accepted.
  3. Owner approval is necessary for an application to be considered for the New Business Grant.
  4. Applicants must submit a business plan covering a minimum of five years.
  5. Applications should generate new employment opportunities.
  6. Works should satisfy the following:
    1. Involve works that improve the aesthetic appeal or functionality of the property for commercial use.
    2. Directly facilitate the establishment of a new business.
    3. Be completed within twelve months of successful application.

What will be funded

Some examples of projects that may be funded as part of the New Business Grant

  • Reasonable property or infrastructure works
  • Upgraded utilities connections
  • Store fit-outs
  • Grease traps & exhaust canopies
  • Outdoor dining infrastructure
  • Façade improvements

What will NOT be funded

  • Marketing programs
  • Reductions in rental costs
  • Payment of commercial rates
  • Payment of Building or Planning approval costs
  • Parking permits
  • Requests for retrospective funding, where projects have been commenced or are completed prior to funding approval
  • Purchase of land
  • Projects that require ongoing funding or support beyond the initial grant
  • Routine or cyclical maintenance to properties with existing tenants
  • Repair of facilities damaged by vandalism, fire or other natural disasters where the damage should be covered by insurance
  • Operational costs- staffing, outgoings etc
  • Organisations that have previously failed to complete projects funded by Greater Shepparton City Council
  • Projects that are not directly tied to the establishment of new tenant

New Tenant / Usage

New Business Grant funding will only be allocated to applicants that can demonstrate that the funding will be used to establish a new ongoing business. In order to do this, the applicant must supply evidence of this new business. This evidence may be supplied in the form of a lease agreement for a period of at least 5 years signed no more than six months prior to the application or no longer than three months after a successful application.  


A full budget for the infrastructure improvements must be provided as part of the application. This budget will outline the scope of works to be undertaken, quotes from suppliers. The budget should include details on all income sources which will be used to fund the project and appropriately balanced expenditure breakdown.

Quotes must be supplied for all works that will be undertaken using grant funding.

Applications will only be considered if there is a minimum 1 to 1 dollar matching investment by the applicant or relevant property owner of the amount requested.

Local Suppliers

Applicants should consider giving priority to local suppliers for delivery of their project. Applications that include the use of local suppliers will be more given a higher priority for selection.


Applications will only be approved for funding if they comply with Council’s relevant Building and Planning requirements. Funds from the grant cannot be used to cover costs incurred from obtaining relevant approvals.

Assessment Criteria

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. Scale of works - is there a matching investment?
  2. Suitability of business - does it compete with an existing offering?
  3. Employment- what employment opportunities will the business create?
  4. Tenure of business - what is their lease commitment?
  5. Impact- to what extent will the works contribute to the local economy.
  6. Use of local suppliers- has the applicant sourced quotations from local suppliers?


Applications will be assessed by a panel of Council staff, with broad representation from across Council departments.

The Assessment Panel’s recommendations will be:

  • Presented to Council who will consider the recommended funding allocations at a formal Ordinary Council Meeting
  • All applicants will be notified in writing as to the outcome of their application

Please refer to the timetable on the website to confirm the date we aim to notify you of the outcome of your application.

In some cases, the assessment panel may consider your application as more suited to one of Council’s other grant programs. If your application is considered by another funding program, Council will contact you to inform you and may ask you for further information.


All successful applicants will be required to report back to Council when the project is completed. The Acquittal process is important because it enables Council to continuously evaluate the success of the New Business Grant. Your acquittal should include:

  • A summary of the project including your feedback on the things that went well and also things that you have learnt from the project.
  • A Financial Statement must be completed together with receipts attached.
  • Copies of promotional materials, photographs or video for the purpose of promoting the grants scheme through Council publications and website.

All projects must be completed and acquitted within twelve months of receiving funds.

A group which fails to complete their acquittal documents is ineligible to apply for funding under any future rounds of the New Business Grant until their acquittal is completed and reviewed by Council.

Mandatory Requirements

There are several mandatory requirements specific to the New Business Grant. Organisations must provide copies/evidence of the following mandatory requirements with their application for support from the New Business Grant. Please note that applications will not be assessed until all mandatory requirements are included or attached.

  • Business Plan
    Applicants must submit a business plan covering a minimum of five years.
  • ABN
    Applicants must hold a current registered Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Financial Information
    Organisations must provide a recent Audited Financial Statement and a copy of a current bank statement to ensure that the organisation has matching funds.
  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate from your organisation
    Organisation must provide a copy of their current Public Liability Insurance to the value of $20 million.

We welcome your application to the next Round of the New Business Grant.

Updated November 2019

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