Seniors Festival Grant - Full Details


Greater Shepparton City Council aims to promote the wellbeing of the older community and this is demonstrated by the adoption of the Greater Shepparton Positive Ageing Action Plan.

Local Government plays a significant role in the lives of people 55 years and over because of its broad mandate. Council has extensive responsibilities and is involved in a wide range of activities across property, community and human service areas as well as having a strong governance role. All of these functions directly or indirectly impact on the quality of life of all people including those 55 years and over who visit, live and/or work in the municipality.

Through community participation we support and coordinate events throughout the Victorian Seniors Festival each year.


The Victorian Government through the Office for Senior Victorians and the Greater Shepparton City Council has received a small sum of money to be made available to assist in the coordination of events that have a particular focus on the participation of Seniors within our community.

This limited funding is intended to support a range of activities and events that will allow Seniors to participate in physical activities or attend social events and functions.

Funding support is available for the following:

  • Community wide projects and activities, projects providing activities and outcomes that are accessible to the whole community.
  • Community group and individual projects, projects which provide activities and outcomes for specific community groups and individuals. 

Funding is provided on a one-off basis to a maximum of $500.00 per grant.  Groups and individuals making applications are encouraged to apply for funding prior to the detailed planning of their proposed project commencing. 

In assessment of applications, the panel will give priority to projects that:

  • Demonstrate lasting benefit to the senior community of Greater Shepparton
  • Are accessible to the senior community
  • Are delivering value for money, and based upon an identified need
  • Are well developed, and have reasonable indicators of success for the outcomes expected
  • Demonstrate effective partnerships, e.g. with other groups, or across interest groups
  • Develop new audiences or broaden and diversify the participation base, in an area of need
  • Your proposed event must be open to all seniors in Victoria who hold a Victorian Seniors Card
  • Your event should fall within the Festival dates during October however, if need be, your event can be held on an alternative date during the month of October
  • Your event should offer a special deal for seniors in celebration of the Festival. E.g. either free, low cost, buy one – get one free, subsidised in some way.


Applicants and groups must be based in Greater Shepparton and operating not for profit. The proposed project should be able to demonstrate broad community benefit.

The capacity of an organisation or individual to manage the project will be assessed and preference will be given to individuals and organisations that can demonstrate the required skills and organisational structure and/or planning to see the project through.

Funding is limited and not all applications that meet the guidelines may be funded. Funding is on a project or program basis only, and no recurrent grants or annual funding commitments are available from this fund.

Funding will not be provided for capital works of any nature.

Applications will not be considered unless the application form is completed and signed.

An evaluation will be required on completion of the project.

Other obligations

The Greater Shepparton City Council and the Office for Senior Victorians will be acknowledged as a sponsor of a project receiving funding.

Projects and activities must not be discriminatory in any way, or contravene any legislation.

How To Apply

Use the Online Grants Help Guide to get a better understanding of how to submit your online grant. Assistance can be requested to lodge your application.

For more information, contact Councils Neighbourhoods Department on (03) 5832 9785.