Community Sustainability Grants

Greater Shepparton City Council is pleased to offer funding for projects and events which will assist in promoting sustainability within the community.

About the grants

The Sustainability Grants will support the development and implementation of sustainable projects and events, which will go to achieving sustainability related actions within the Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

The intention of the funding is to facilitate projects which achieve some or all of the following objectives: 

  • Encourage and support businesses, industry and the general community to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  • Increase the energy efficiency of existing and new residential and commercial buildings across the municipality
  • Raise community awareness of the relevance of climate change, the impacts it will have on our environment and way of life, and the opportunities it will present.
  • Encourage participation in sustainability activities and events.
  • Enable community members to acquire or develop new skills in relation to sustainability.

Funded projects must be able to demonstrate that they are inclusive, have wide community support, and, where appropriate, are sustainable past Council’s funding.

Funding will be available for a range of projects including: 

  • Developing education programs and material including brochures, booklets and resources
  • Field days, workshops and volunteer training
  • Provision of essential equipment
  • Sustainable gardening/community garden projects
  • Energy Efficiency programs and alternative energy
  • Water efficiency programs
  • Sustainable building design

Grants are available up to $2,000 per project.

How to apply

This grant has now CLOSED.

For any questions about this grant, please contact Council on (03) 5832 9700.

Council staff are available to discuss your project ideas any time of year. It is important to start your project planning early. Grant Information sessions are conducted throughout the year.

Before applying:

  • Read all the guidelines on this page to ensure you are eligible for the grant and to assist you to complete all sections of the application process.
  • For more information, please contact Council’s Sustainability Officer on 5832 9862.

Applying for the Sustainability Grant is an online process. Use the Online Grants Help Guide to get a better understanding of how to submit your online grant. Assistance can be requested to lodge your application.


  • Applications can be made by not-for-profit community, arts, cultural or sporting groups which already exist and whose principal activities are conducted within the Greater Shepparton area.   
  • Where an application is made by a group that is not an Incorporated Association; the applicants will need to nominate another incorporated not-for-profit Community Group, Organisation or Club which is willing to manage the grant funds (“auspice the grant”) on their behalf. A letter will be required from your auspice organisation confirming their willingness to accept the auspice role.

What will NOT be funded

  • Applications received after the closing date.
  • Applicants who have previously been funded by Council and have failed to comply with the financial, project monitoring and/or reporting requirements.
  • Applications will not be accepted from or on behalf of individuals.
  • Groups/organisations that operate for profit.
  • Projects that are clearly a duplication of an existing service.
  • Groups/organisations are only eligible for one Community Sustainability Grant in any given financial year.
  • Fundraising activities.
  • Funding is NOT available for ongoing expenses or for projects which have already commenced or have been completed.
  • Groups which are not incorporated.
  • Groups who are in debt to council.
  • Prize money and awards.
  • Groups that receive direct income from electronic gaming machines.


The budget should include details on all income (all sources of funding which will be used to deliver the project) and expenditure (all costs involved in the project). Income and expenditure must be equal. Please provide a copy of quotes with your application where applicable.

It is also necessary to detail the in-kind contributions, if any, that will be made to the project in the in-kind section in the application.

Sample Budget

It is important to demonstrate that your application is financially viable and can be delivered within the budget specified here.


Income $ Expenditure $
Grant 2100 Hire of hall 3 days 1200
Funds from the applicant 1500 Band for opening night 1000
    Food for opening night 600
    Hire of display equipment for art 800
Total 3600 Total 3600

Sample Indication of In-Kind Contribution from Applicant

Please include details of any contributions to the project that you would normally pay for, but are being received at no cost to the project.

If you have volunteers working on the project, include their contribution valued at:

  • $25 per hour for unskilled labour
  • $40 per hour qualified trades person
  • $65 per hour machinery hire including driver


Person / Organisation Task Hours/Rate Amount In-Kind
Committee Labour set up and remove display 10 hrs/$25 $250
Recreation Reserve Loan of tables and chairs   $100
Joe Blough Sound equipment and tech support 4 hrs/$40 $160
Mary's Newsagents Photo copy flyers   $100
    Total $610


If your organisation is registered for GST – or required to be – and receives grant funding from Council it does not have to pay GST on the funding payment unless it makes a ‘supply’ in return for the payment. Please refer to the website for further details.

PLEASE NOTE: All funding amounts are GST Inclusive


Your application will be assessed by a panel of Council staff, with broad representation from across Council departments. In assessing the applications, the panel will take the following factors into consideration.

  • Applicants must meet some or all of the objectives of the Scheme.
  • The intended project meets an objective within the Environmental Sustainability Strategy.
  • Community benefit
  • Project feasibility
  • Evidence of community support

The Assessment Panel’s recommendations will be:

  • Presented to Council within a Council Report to be prepared by Council Officers.
  • Council will consider the recommended funding allocations at a formal Ordinary Council Meeting
  • All applicants will be notified in writing as to the outcome of their application

In some cases, the assessment panel may consider your application as more suited to one of Council’s other grant programs. If your application is considered by another funding program, Council will contact you to let you know, and may ask for additional information.


In some cases, approvals/permits may be required to carry out the proposed project. Applicants should discuss their project with the responsible body e.g. Council or a Victorian Government Department, prior to submitting their application. Your offer of funding will be made conditional to you obtaining regulatory approvals. The approval/permit must be obtained within 6 weeks of your offer of funding or an extension negotiated and approved. Council officers can assist applicants with the process of gaining approvals.

Access and Inclusion

Council are committed to providing dignified equitable access for all. It is important that applicants are inclusive of people living with a disability and their carers. This may include considerations to the following:

  • Accessible parking at the venue
  • Provision of accessible facilities such as toilets, ramp access and accessible seating
  • Consideration for assistance animals
  • Acceptance of Carer Cards and/or Companion Cards for carers
  • Information available in accessible format, such as large print and signage
  • If required, use of interpreters, such as Auslan for people who are Deaf.

For further information, please contact Council’s Access and Inclusion Officer on 5832 9592. 


You will be required to report back to Council when your project is completed. The Acquittal Form provides details to Council about how the grant money was spent and the outcomes of the project. This process is important because it enables Council to continuously evaluate the success of the Community Sustainability Grants. Your acquittal should include:

  • A summary of the project including your feedback on the things that went well and also things that you have learnt from the project.
  • A Financial Statement must be completed together with receipts attached.
  • Copies of promotional materials, photographs or video for the purpose of promoting the Community Sustainability Grants Program through Council publications and website.

All projects should be completed and acquitted within twelve months of receiving funds.

Acquittal forms are completed online and must be submitted within 30 days of the completion of the project or the date specified on your funding agreement, whichever is earlier.

A group which fails to submit their acquittal documents is ineligible to apply for funding under any future rounds of the Sustainability Grant until their acquittal is completed and reviewed by Council. 

We welcome your application to the next round of the Community Sustainability Grants.

Download a printable version of these guidelines

Successful recipients from previous rounds

Below are the sustainability projects that have received funding through Round Two 2017/2018 of the Greater Shepparton City Council Community Sustainability Grants:

Organisation Project
Picnic 4 Peace Picnic Set Program
Toolamba Food Swap A Frame for Toolamba Food Swap and set of community street library 
Tatura Civic Halls Replace Box Air Conditioner 
Murchison Toolamba Football Netball Club Can Collection Caper
The Legacy Club of Shepparton Lighting up Legacy