Connect with ‘Gather My Crew’

Are you looking for a way to help out in your neighbourhood? Are you interested in a new way to ‘volunteer’ that is local and flexible?

Connect with Gather My Crew turns good will into good deeds. Their technology connects people who need a bit of help with nearby residents who are willing and able to lend a hand.

Neighbours work together in ‘support crews’ to provide help to local people needing a little extra support. Crew Members are notified when people in their area need something done.

You can lend a hand with tasks such as:

  • There are no set shifts or lock in commitments.
  • There are no minimum hours.
  • There is no need to travel.

Gather My Crew provides all training, technology, safety checks, interviews, insurance and codes of conduct. All you need to do is:

  1. Join a local support crew.
  2. View the help needed in the Connect with Gather My Crew app.
  3. Click and select the help you can provide around your own commitments.
  4. Provide the help to a neighbour in need.

Find out more at

Please note: Gather My Crew is not operated by Greater Shepparton City Council. Gather My Crew is an Australian registered charity who have partnered with Council on this exciting new pilot program. If you want to know more, please contact Gather My Crew