Shepparton Food Share


What we want to achieve

Shepparton Food Share will be perceived by its members and the community as a vibrant, sustainable organisation that provides food and aid to vulnerable members of the Goulburn Valley community.

What we will do

Shepparton Food Share will collect, store and distribute nutritious food through appropriate welfare agencies for vulnerable individuals and families in hardship thus minimising the risks of malnutrition, obesity, diabetes and heart disease in the local population.

Shepparton Food Share will receive groceries , fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy and frozen products from a variety of local, regional and Melbourne based donors, including rescued food that would otherwise be wasted.


To collect food and distribute rather than go to waste.


Respect – For all customers and our own volunteers

Integrity – Collecting and distributing food to regulatory standards

Communication – Open toolbox meeting with volunteers and assistants with all customers who use our facilities.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have active volunteers. Our volunteers actively integrate with agencies, 7 church groups and 18 schools. They provide a vital role and ensuring all groups, when they leave the premises, are satisfied with all their food requirements. 

  • Distribution of food at facility
  • Recording of distribution of food
  • Sorting of food from donors
  • Driver collection of donated food with the pickup van in Goulburn Valley

Coordination Of Volunteers

Bec Nicoll
Operations Coordinator
Shepparton Food Share
45 Toolamba Road, Mooroopna
Phone: 0432 517 329