Disability Action Plan

The Council aims to allow all residents and visitors to Greater Shepparton access to mainstream services and facilities, while improving the health and wellbeing, and social connectedness.

In doing this, the Council is striving to develop and implement activities that encourage and support community participation, and provide a safe and secure environment for residents and visitors of all abilities.

The Disability Action Plan provides the framework for the City of Greater Shepparton to address disability access issues across all Council areas of responsibility in line with Councils Corporate Plan and Municipal Public Health Plan. The strategies developed will assist the Council in removing barriers and providing equity of access to Council services, facilities and employment for all people.

The Disability Action Plan responds to the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and recognises the variety of handicaps and access challenges, often created unintentionally, but which impede access to areas of Council responsibility. These areas include physical, cultural and social environments and experiences.

The Disability Action Plan is an active document and it is expected the Council will make changes over timer. In addition, the adopted Plan will change as it is reviewed and evaluated and the practical implications of the DDA are addressed.

The Disability Action Plan details Council’s objectives and actions in relation to improving disability access and will ensure that people with disabilities, their carers and associates can appropriately access Council services and facilities and participate in the planning and review of these. It also allows for Council to meet its obligations in relation to employment of staff and supports the Council’s Equal Employment Opportunity/ Human Resources Policies.