Strategic Resource Plan

The Strategic Resource Plan is prepared in conjunction with the Council Plan to reflect the financial and non-financial resources required to achieve the strategic objectives included in the Council Plan.

The purpose of the Strategic Resource Plan is to:

  • Establish a framework to manage the resources required to achieve the strategic objectives as expressed in the Council Plan;
  • Provide an assessment of the resources required to achieve the strategic objectives of the Council Plan;
  • Plan for the long-term financial sustainability of the Council;
  • Establish a basis to measure Council’s adherence to the principles of the Strategic Resource Plan; and
  • Assist the Council to comply with sound financial management principles in accordance with the Act.

Developing council financial strategies is often a difficult process.

  • Is sufficient revenue being generated to provide the services and level of service required by its community?
  • Is the condition of existing assets providing an acceptable level of service to the community?
  • What level of funding is required to upgrade existing assets or construct new assets?
  • When should debt be used to fund capital projects?
  • What is an acceptable rate and charge increase?

A number of strategic challenges remain ahead including continuing to provide an appropriate range and level of services to a growing and diverse community, renewing existing assets, maintaining a sound financial position and addressing the need for capital expansion.