Deakin Reserve Netball Court

The Deakin Reserve Netball Court project is an action from the Future Directions Plan for Deakin Reserve which was adopted by Council in 2018.

This project was prioritised by the user groups of Deakin Reserve in response to growing participation rates in netball and to enhance the facilities offered at Shepparton’s premier sports facility.

Subsequent funding was obtained from Sport and Recreation Victoria to undertake the redevelopment works, which primarily includes the construction of a second netball court and a new toilet amenities building.

Scope of works

The Deakin Reserve Netball Court located at the North East corner of Deakin Reserve adjacent Notre Dame College and accessible via Skene Street.

The scope of work includes 6 work packages:

  • Civil works: Construction of netball court surface including the installation of netball court lighting. Demolition of existing car park and select landscaped areas.
  • Building works: Construction of new toilet amenities building and entrance shed
  • Toilet block demolition: Demolition of existing toilet amenities block to ground level
  • Crossover and bus stop: Construction of new entrance and installation of new bus stop
  • Front entrance gate: Supply and installation of new front entrance gate
  • NBN relocation: Lowering of NBN cable


The Deakin Reserve Master Plan Implementation Stage 1 (Netball precinct) currently has $991,000 ex.GST provisioned in the 21/22 financial year. However due to the success in receiving funding from Sport and Recreation Victoria the works are proposed to be brought forward into this financial year.


  • October 2020: Project Commencement
  • December 2020: Toilet Block Demolition works completed
  • March 2021: Project Completion – Civil Works
  • June 2021: Project Completion – Building Works