In response to the needs of our growing city, Regional Roads Victoria in partnership with Greater Shepparton City Council is proceeding with an upgrade which will increase the safety of one of the town’s busiest intersections by installing traffic lights to better facilitate traffic movement.

Safety of road users and pedestrians will be improved by controlling vehicle movements with the traffic signals. Drivers will be able to turn safely onto Wyndham Street in either direction from MacIntosh Street, Fitzjohn Street and Hassett Street; and pedestrians will have three new controlled crossing points on Wyndham Street which will improve accessibility to the Victoria Park Lake precinct.


The upgrade of the Wyndham/ MacIntosh Street intersection was identified as part of the future growth of Greater Shepparton. The intersection of Wyndham/ Fitzjohn/Hassett/MacInstosh Street will be upgraded to a signalised intersection to reduce congestion and improve road and pedestrian safety, particularly during peak demand periods.

The turning lane from MacIntosh Street heading north into Wyndham Street will be improved by upgrading the intersection to a signalised intersection.  The new signalised intersection will allow for better traffic flow and safer traffic movements. There will be improved and safer pedestrian access options to the lake precinct area from MacIntosh Street.

Frequently asked Questions

What work is being undertaken in Wyndham/ Fitzjohn Street?

Greater Shepparton City Council will upgrade the intersection of Wyndham and Fitzjohn Street to a signalised intersection.

The works will include:

  • Road pavement construction
  • Traffic lights and commissioning
  • Centre of road medians
  • Line marking
  • Street lighting

When will the works commence?

It is anticipated that the works will commence in October 2020.

How long will the works take to be completed?

Works are anticipated to be completed by January 2021.

Will the intersection be closed during the works?

During construction, it is expected the traffic will still be continue. Traffic management will be in place but there will be ongoing changes throughout the duration of works.

Will there be changes to traffic turning into any of the other roads near the intersection?

There will be some traffic changes to and from other roads during the construction works.

How will I access my home or work?

Access to properties will be maintained throughout most of the construction period, although on some occasions temporary closure may be required.  If closure is required adequate notification will be provided to the land owners.

Can I park out the front of my property in Wyndham Street and MacIntosh Streets?

Parking will not be always available out the front of properties during these works.  Council and its contractor will work closely with residents to minimise disruptions and inconvenience.

Will any of my services, such as power, water, waste collection, mail delivery be disrupted?

There will be planned disruptions to your services (water, gas, electricity, and telecommunications) during the construction. Service authorities will directly notify you of any disruptions. At this stage, there will be no disruption to the bin collection service or mail deliveries.

Will the footpaths be accessible throughout the works?

Footpaths will remain open throughout the works. However, this may change depending on the location of works.

How can I keep up to date with the project progress?

This page will provide regular project updates. Updates will also be available on Council’s Facebook page.

I have a question or concern, who do I contact?

For further information please contact the Projects Department on (03) 5832 9700 or email

Also check this page regularly and sign up for email updates in relation to this project using the form below. 

Summary of Works occurring

  • Upgrade Wyndham/MacIntosh Street to a signalised intersection
  • Upgrading of the existing road pavement
  • Service relocations as required by the relevant authorities
  • Upgrade of stormwater drainage
  • New pedestrian crossings
  • Widening of parking lanes along the Victoria Park Lake frontage between Hayes Street and Sobraon Street
  • Upgrade of signs and line markings to improve safety and usability
  • Upgrade of footpaths
  • Landscaping

VLine level crossing renewal works

In conjunction with Council works, VLine will be completing level crossing renewal works from Tuesday 13 October to Sunday 18 October. Motorists can expect some delays and are encouraged to use alternate routes where possible.

VLine’s works will require a closure of Wyndham Street at the railway crossing between 9pm Friday 16 October and 9am Sunday 18 October. Vehicles will be detoured at the High Street/Wyndham Street intersection and at the Wilmot Road/Wyndham Street intersection to bypass the closed railway crossing.

Local traffic trying to access Wyndham Street business south of High Street or Victoria Park Lake during the road closure are encouraged to use Welsford Street, Sobroan Street and Hayes Street to gain access to the precinct north of the railway crossing during that time.

Local traffic and heavy vehicle detours have been designed to minimise traffic impacts as much as possible, however the road closure will add significant time to north-south trips and motorists are encouraged to plan their trip accordingly.

Motorists are also advised to obey all worksite and advisory signage including traffic controllers. Council asks for residents and motorists to take care and be aware of traffic detours.

The Detour Plans can be inspected below:

Click plans above for an enlargement.

The level crossing renewal works will increase the safety of one of the municipality’s busiest intersections.

For more information, please visit the VicTraffic website.

Attachments and downloads

Fitzjohn / Wyndham Street Intersection Upgrade

PDF, 7.2 MB


For further information

Please contact the Project Management Team - Greater Shepparton City Council on 03 5832 9700 or email

On This Page

Virtual fly-though

A virtual fly-through has been created for the works based on the detailed design. The fly-through can be viewed below.


  • Wednesday 19 August 2020The tender for this project was advertised and closed on this date.
  • Tuesday 15 September 2020 Awarding of the contract at the September Ordinary Council Meeting.
  • Early October 2020 Construction to commence.
  • January 2021 Construction due for completion.

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