Chief Executive Officer - Peter Harriott

Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Masters of Business Administration
Building Surveyor Certificate
Engineer for Water Supply Certificate
Municipal Engineers Certificate

Peter has worked throughout Victoria and South Australia in local government over the past 35 years.

Peter has an interest in our changing climate and the impact our human footprint has on it. He believes action is required to ensure a sustainable future for our way of life and economic growth. He also places importance on culture and the arts as well as ensuring we all have a knowledge of the truth of our past settlement of the land.

As the Chief Executive Officer Peter is responsible for:

  • Assisting the Council in the update and implementation of long-term strategic directions in operational terms.
  • Providing leadership and authoritative advice to the Council and Committees on the strategic directions, policies and review mechanisms for Council.
  • Promoting and representing the Council to governments and government authorities in order to gain support and investment to achieve Council goals and best outcomes for Greater Shepparton.
  • Leading and developing the Council to ensure that it maintains its status as a high-functioning organisation and that its functions are benchmarked against best national and international practice.