Colliver Road Kindergarten has a fabulous outdoor environment with play spaces for children to run and climb, a dry river bed to explore, rock garden, outdoor kitchen and quiet areas to relax in. This is always a work in progress and we take pride in developing our play spaces for our children.

We offer an indoor/outdoor program where children are able to make their own choices with regard to where they would like to play within the learning environment.

We believe that children learn through play based experiences and experiences based on their needs and interests.

We are a multicultural centre providing learning opportunities for children and families from all nationalities.

We pride ourselves on building solid relationships with our children and families and this was reflected in our Quality Assurance “Exceeding” rating.

We offer a rotational program offering places for 33 children and families.

The rotational model allows all children to get to know each other and to build relationships and friendships from a wide circle of children.

Our educators have over 40 years combined experience and we pride ourselves on developing our skills and ideas through ongoing professional development.

Our Program Fosters The Following Outcomes For All Children:

  • Children develop a strong sense of identity
  • Children connect with and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children are effective communicators

We encourage our children to be involved in:

  • Supervised Risky Play – We will allow our children to engage in activities that may look dangerous, supervising their play to minimise injury and risk to themselves and others. Children will be challenged in what they are doing and why.
  • Messy Play – Paint, play-dough, mud pies, clay, finger painting, sand play, goop,slime, drawing, face painting, water play.
  • Building Positive Relationships With Peers & Educators
  • Building Resilience

Contact Us

21 Colliver Rd, Shepparton
Phone: 03 5821 5779

Commitment Statement

We Believe That All Children Learn Best When:

  • They are actively involved and supported in their learning environment
  • They are in a safe and happy environment
  • Learning is fun
  • They learn at an individual rate
  • Families are involved and play a part in their child’s learning and development
  • All children are treated equally, regardless of social/cultural background, gender or individual needs.

Information and Forms

Our Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten Family Information Booklet contains information for families of our Kindergarten children.

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