We are a Kindergarten in Tatura who run varied Programs for children 3-6 years of age. We run both Pre-kinder and Kindergarten programs in a relaxed and quiet setting surrounded by gardens and nearby parklands.

Our kindergarten values the natural environment and the role it plays in children’s everyday learning. We have 3 unique garden areas at our Kindergarten including water play areas, veggie gardens, native play garden, mud play, fairy gardens, chickens, etc. We also regularly use the surrounding parklands in our Kindergarten program for exploration and extension of learning and development.

We value each child and their family and help each child to feel a sense of belonging at our centre. We base our programs on each child’s needs and development using observations and family input.

The kindergarten program is a play based curriculum allowing and encouraging children to make independent choices of free play activities (both indoor and outdoor areas) relating to the Early Years Learning and Developmental Framework.  The program aims to build on and extend the children’s interests to enhance their learning through play.

As part of the program the Kindergarten children are able to choose from a range of play experiences based on developing each child’s learning as well as allowing children to learn as a group with more structured group experiences. 

Commitment Statement

Our aim is to enhance children’s learning with a developmentally appropriate play-based curriculum which promotes social skills, forming secure relationships and allowing children to build their sense of identity and belonging whilst encouraging children to be respectful of others and their environment.

We believe our knowledge and commitment to children nurtures each child to develop independence and allows each child to learn at their own individual pace to ensure every child succeeds with high expectations.

We believe strongly that both indoor and outdoor environments provide important learning opportunities for children and recognise the importance of natural play experiences, exploration and awareness of the world and community around them as they are involved in developing their real life experiences and skills. We believe that children learn both spontaneously and through planned learning experiences as individuals as well as through group learning experiences and that learning is a continual process for life.

35 Hughes St, Tatura
Phone: 03 5824 1602

Information and Forms

Our Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten Family Information Booklet contains information for families of our Kindergarten children.

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