At Leslie Gribble Children’s Centre we offer a warm and welcoming learning environment. We respect and value each child, their family and their community. Our programs are led by nurturing educators who teach through play and intentional teaching to prepare for life-long learning.

The Leslie Gribble Children’s Centre staff work in collaboration with the children, families and the community to provide education and care in the centre. We offer opportunities for children to express their ideas, have a voice and expressed their interests.

We believe that children are capable and competent learners.

We understand that all children have the right to develop to their potential at their own pace.

We value that each child brings their own unique experiences, interests and background to our centre.

We empower the children to develop self-help skills and independence.

Positive relationships are the foundations for children to develop a sense of ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming.

Leslie Gribble Children’s Centre is located in South Shepparton. We are a kindergarten that operates over 4 days per week with a small talk, playgroup session each Wednesday. We share our building with maternal and child health services.

Our centre has a variety of diverse cultures with educators that work in partnership with families and the community to support and enhance children’s individual culture and family backgrounds.

We celebrate our kindergarten community, inviting families into the service for the end of term party.

We always welcome our families to come and be part of their child’s kindergarten year, sharing with us their family’s culture and skills. This is a great opportunity for families to meet each other and catch up with staff and celebrate your child’s learning.

We visit local community services and have many visitors throughout the year to our centre. We work with all families to support their child in their kindergarten journey in preparation for their first year of school.

9-13 Westmorland Crescent - Shepparton
Phone: 03 5821 3980

Information and Forms

Our Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten Family Information Booklet contains information for families of our Kindergarten children.

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