Tallygaroopna Children's Centre is the hub of our small town and surrounding community. We pride ourselves in our family centred practices where our children are always our first priority. We provide a Kindergarten, Pre-Kinder and Occasional Care program.  Within each of these programs we support open indoor outdoor play and believe strongly in the importance of outdoor play in the healthy development of children.  

Our Kindergarten program offers regular Bush Kinder days where the children's day is spent in the bush exploring, investigating, discovering, challenging themselves, taking 'risks', and making valuable connections with nature.

Across all three programs we share common goals of developing the children's independence, confidence, self-esteem and resilience skills.

The children's own interests and play ideas are encouraged, valued and celebrated.

Our Educators epitomise true collaborative practices where we learn and support each other and respect each other’s skills and knowledge.

Commitment Statement

At Tallygaroopna Children’s Centre we believe that in all actions the best interests of the children shall be the primary consideration.

We believe that our children learn and thrive best through a play based program that is flexibly structured, offers open ended play, promotes exploration and wonder  and reflects the relaxed and unhurried rural setting of the centre. 

Within the program we actively value and respect the children’s own ideas and interests and believe in our role to facilitate the children to extend their play and learning. We believe that it is vital within the program to develop the children’s confidence, self-esteem and resilience skills (their sense of agency).  We believe in inclusive practices where all children can meet their potential.

We believe in the value of outdoor play and a natural environment in the children’s learning.  We believe in promoting sustainable practices within the centre and supporting the children to become environmentally responsible.

We believe that the children’s health is of vital importance and therefore actively promote the benefits of healthy eating habits and exercise.

All families are valued, accepted and cherished. Special interests/skills of families are valued and become an important base for learning within the program.

We believe our centre to be an integral part of the local community with the needs of the community reflected in the programs and advocated for at all levels.

We believe that the educators at our centre are one of the most important resources. Mutual respect is the key to the relationship between all educators, leading to a caring, supportive, positive and happy working environment. We believe in the importance of ongoing education in all our lives including professional development for educators and the sharing of knowledge and skills.

This service has been rated as "Exceeding" the National Quality Standards of the Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority.

33 Victoria Street, Tallygaroopna
Phone: 03 5829 8274

Information and Forms

Our Kindergarten Family Information Booklet contains information for families of our Kindergarten children.

PDF, 4.5 MB