Exploring the future and functionality of the Maude Street Mall


In March 2017 Council resolved to undertake a process of exploring design concepts for a redeveloped Maude Street Mall. The aim of the project is to improve the function and visual amenity of the Mall in maintaining its primacy as the heart of the Shepparton CBD.

In May 2018, via a tender process, Spiire was contracted to explore the feasibility of the options to potentially redevelop and revitalise the Maude Street Mall. Council releases four designs for extensive public and stakeholder consultation.

Council endorsed Option 4 at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 19 September 2018, leading to an exciting detailed design to now be developed for this precinct.

Council awarded the tender to landscape architects, Group GSA in August 2019, to refine the Option 4 Concept Design developed by Spiire.

Group GSA have a demonstrated track record in delivering similar projects for regional and metropolitan areas and Council looks forward to achieving a detailed design that will reshape and revitalise the Mall area.

Concept Design Option 4A

The Refined Concept Design featuring greater detail, based upon Council-endorsed Concept Option 4 was presented to the community for consultation.

Concept Option 4A was developed after consideration of public consultation feedback, and includes the following key features:

  • Traffic
    • Provides for 20km/h shared zone one-way traffic through the Mall, travelling southbound from Fryers Street to High Street (previously traffic was proposed to exit the Mall to the east via Stewart Street). This will improve vehicle linkages and traffic flow in the CBD, provide increased accessibility and visibility of businesses, enhance the perception of activity within the precinct and provide a more favourable environment for night time trade and activities.
    • Layout and pavement composition of the Stewart Street portion of the Mall is configured so that eastbound 20km/h shared zone one-way traffic can be introduced at a future date. This will provide greater flexibility for future traffic needs of the precinct.
  • Parking
    • Provides parallel parking spaces along both sides of the one-way shared roadway. These parking bays will be generous in size to allow vehicles to safely pull head first into parking bays.
    • Removal of the previously proposed off-street parking at the south end of the Mall provides the opportunity to retain a greater number of existing trees and provides pedestrian zones with a more consistent linear flow, with the western side of the development retaining a “Mall” feel for its entire length.
  • Trees — Retention of a greater number of existing mature street trees throughout the Mall.
  • Pavement in front of Mall businesses — Retains existing concrete pavement in front of Mall business to reduce disruptions to public access to businesses during redevelopment construction works.
  • Playground — The playground will be soft fall terrain play, aimed at age groups ranging from toddlers through to primary school age.
  • Street furniture and gardens — Low garden beds and careful placement of street furniture will provide clear visibility across the mall.
  • The future
    • The Maude Street Mall precinct design has been developed to meet today’s needs, and also to provide flexibility for possible future needs as technologies advance. One such consideration is the nominated site for possible future landing/parking of drone-type (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) vehicles on the top deck of the multi-deck car park.
    • Technologies such as smart lighting and WiFi are to be implemented.
  • Fraser Street Stage 2
    • An area has been identified along Fraser Street, in front of and beneath the Telstra tower that is to be considered as a future area for redevelopment (denoted by blue shading on the Concept Design Option 4A plan).
    • Fraser Street Stage 2 is progressing to concept stage, but will require a consultation process and assessment of benefits before proceeding further, subject to funding becoming available.

Click-and-drag on the map below to zoom in and see details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Council adopt Option Four as its preferred design for the redevelopment?

Council have taken into account feedback received through community consultation as well as a range of factors and industry trends in forming a decision on the future layout and function of the Maude Street Mall area.

Why does Council need to get a detailed design?

Detailed design provides the full design of the proposed works for construction. This work will provide more accurate costings and detail on the scope of works required for construction. Detailed designs are commonly referred to as being “shovel ready” and are required for State and Federal government funding applications.

Why does Council need to undertake a business case?

A business case analysis will provide Council with a more detailed understanding of the project’s benefits and the return on investment for the project. It is a standard process for significant Council projects to ensure that ratepayer’s money is being spent in a responsible way. Business cases are required for most State and Federal government funding applications.

How long will the detailed design and business case take?

The detailed design and business case is expected to be completed by early 2021.

Who will complete the detailed design and business case?

Council procured the work through a public tender process in accordance with its procurement policy. Group GSA were awarded the contract. Five tenders were received and two were shortlisted. 

Who is GroupGSA?

GroupGSA is an Australian based company with international offices in Asia. They will be drawing on local teams from Shepparton to deliver the project. They have extensive experience in urban design and landscape architecture. More information about GroupGSA.

How much will the detailed design and business case cost?

The Business Case and Detailed design will cost $499,950. 

When will the project be constructed?

Construction works will commence in 2021 and are expected to be completed in 2022.

How long will construction take?

Major construction works are expected to take around 12 months.

How much will the redevelopment cost?

The cost estimate developed as part of the conceptual design work for Option 4A is $17.15M. More accurate costings will be obtained through the detailed design process as the overall scope of works is refined.

Will Council be funding the whole project?

Council has successfully obtained $8.575M Federal funding from the Building Better Regions Fund for this project. Council will be funding the remaining $8.575M.

For more information

For further information please contact:

Manager Projects
(03) 5832 9700


  • March 2017 Council resolved to explore design concepts for redeveloped Maude Street Mall
  • August 2017 Council awards tender to develop Concept designs to Spiire
  • May 2018 Council releases four designs for extensive public and stakeholder consultation
  • Sept 2018 Council endorses Option 4 with estimated cost of $16.4m. One way traffic from Fryers to Fraser Street, car parking south end.
  • August 2019 Council awards contract to prepare a functional design, business case, detailed design and documentation of works to GroupGSA.
  • June 2020 Concept Option 4A adopted by Council.
  • June 2020 Application successful for construction funding.
  • Early 2021Business case and detailed design completed.
  • Early 2021Pre-works: Minor early works and utility services relocation works 
  • Mid 2021 Construction: Civil works for the Maude Street Mall redevelopment.

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