SAM Project Board

The Council-managed SAM Project Board has members representing Regional Development Victoria, SAM Foundation, Creative Victoria, Kaiela Arts and Yorta Yorta Nation. There are also representatives of Greater Shepparton City Council from SAM, Planning, Economic Development, Finance, Marketing and Communications, Business Transition, the Visitor Centre and Project Management.

The SAM Project Board has a number of subcommittees whose role is to provide in-depth information on speciality areas to the SAM Project Board. These subcommittees include Planning, Finance, Business Transition and Project Management.

The Planning subcommittee has completed site surveys, a Cultural Heritage Management Plan, flood modelling and a geotechnical report, a heritage report, traffic report and environmental assessment.

The Project subcommittee manage the overall process of the build including timelines for the project. A project manager was appointed in 2017 to manage the build stage of the project.

The Finance and Business Transition subcommittees are tasked with managing the budget for the project and the transition between the current SAM and the new SAM respectively.

A new Business Transition Manager was appointed in late 2017 to work closely with the SAM Director to manage the transition of business from the current SAM to the new SAM.