Shepparton Art Museum Limited

Shepparton Art Museum Limited is the entity overseeing the Shepparton Art Museum as it moves from being owned and operated by Greater Shepparton City Council to an independent governance body.

Shepparton Art Museum Limited will enter into lease, funding and custodian agreements with Council for the operations of SAM, and will be responsible for managing the building and key stakeholder relationships with Kaiela Arts, the Visitor Centre, and commercial operations.

Shepparton Art Museum Limited is a registered company limited by guarantee (a company structure used for not-for-profit and charitable organisations that reinvest any profits towards the organisation's purposes).

The skills based board comprises nine Company Directors with a range of backgrounds, expertise and experience.

The Board is:

  • Jeannie Furphy
  • Jo Gartner
  • Peter Harriott (GSCC CEO)
  • John Head (SAM Foundation)
  • Stephen Merrylees
  • Kimberley Moulton
  • Drew Pettifer
  • Naomi Ryan
  • Chris Teitzel (GSCC Director Corporate Services)

Board members will serve for a minimum of two to three years, to a maximum term of nine years. The new SAM will operate as a not-for-profit, charitable organisation and the Board positions are voluntary.