Greater Shepparton City Council have now completed stages One to Three and is now open to traffic in both directions. Stage 4 is currently being designed.

Stage 4 is currently being designed Fryers Street/Welsford Street and will be constructed once funding has been confirmed.

Stage 1 works commenced in March and will take place along Welsford Street between Nixon Street to Knight Street, with Mawson Constructions Pty Ltd undertaking the works.

Stage 2 works will include signalising the intersection of Welsford Street and Nixon Street, and will be undertaken along with Stage 1 works by Mawson Constructions Pty Ltd.

Stage 3 works will include upgrade from Welsford Street around to the Knight Street intersection to supply and install drainage, upgrade road pavement and new pavement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What section of the road is being worked on?

Stage 3 of the project will see the Welsford Street/Knight Street bend being upgraded.

Does that mean that other sections will be upgraded in the future?

Yes, Stage 1 and 2 (Welsford St & Nixon St) are nearing completion and after the current works (Stage 3 – Welsford St/ Knight St) are completed stage 4 is expected to commence once funding is confirmed. Stage 4 works are associated with the Fryers St/ Welsford St Area.

When will stage 3 start and how long will it take?

Stage 3 of the Welsford Street upgrade is now complete.

Will Welsford/Knight Street be closed to traffic during the upgrade?

Commuters using Welsford Street will continue to have access to the new north bound lanes of Welsford St.

South bound traffic will continue to detour via Wyndham Street until Stage 3 works are completed. Traffic intending to travel from Wyndham St towards the west along Knight St to the boulevard will need to find an alternative route such as via Nixon St or Lightfoot St.

Why does the road need to be partially closed?

Partial road closure will enable the large machinery undertaking the works to have immediate access to the location and ensure the works are undertaken in safe and efficient manner.

How will I be able to access my home/business?

Businesses along Welsford Street will have access to their properties during the work however some access will be via temporary arrangements. Pedestrian access will be provided during the works; however access will alter as the works progress. A traffic management plan is available above to help you navigate around the works.

What is actually being done to Knight Street?

The works will include:

  • Upgrade of the road pavement
  • Installation of new road guttering
  • Laying of hotmix asphalt as the new road surface
  • Concrete works, e.g. traffic islands
  • Line-marking
  • Installation of new road furniture e.g. signage.

The works are designed to improve the standard of the road and will result in better traffic movement.

Who will be undertaking the works?

Mawson Constructions Shepparton Pty Ltd successfully tendered to undertake the works. Mawson Constructions have being providing civil construction solutions since 1995. Mawson Constructions are rural and regional experts in all excavating and earthmoving projects for developers, agriculturalists, the commercial and industrial sectors and government projects. Their services include stormwater drainage, kerbs and pavements, road and car park construction, drainage and pipeline works, bulk earth moving and project management.

Will any of my services, such as power, water and/or waste collection be disrupted?

There are no planned disruptions to your services during the upgrade. Your waste will continue to be collected as per usual. Businesses located on the east side of Welsford Street need to place their bins on the west side of the road for pickup. It is anticipated there will not be any disruption to power or water supply. If this changes the suppliers of these services will notify you directly.

How can I keep up to date with the project progress?

Council has established this page that will provide project updates. You can also sign up for email updates by “subscribing to updates” on the right hand side of this page. Updates will also be available on Council’s Facebook page.

Changes to Traffic Conditions

Due to the reconfiguration of the Knight Street/Welsford Street intersection, turning right from Knight Street onto Welsford Street is no longer permitted. Please see the diagram below for more details. (Click for an enlargement.)

Road Closures

The southern side of Knight Street have been completed and works on the northern side will begin shortly.

Traffic along Welsford Street north bound will now be diverted to the east side past the Nixon Street intersection. All traffic exiting businesses on Welsford Street will now be required to head north. Local traffic will be permitted for businesses on the west side who can exit at the RSL Welsford Street driveway.

The Knight Street/ Welsford Street bend near the RSL will be closed to southbound traffic. All the east bound traffic will be detoured via Marungi Street and then Fryers Street.

It is estimated the road will be re-opened in January 2018.

Bicycle Lanes

For more information

For further information please contact:

Saleem Shaikh
Project Engineer
Greater Shepparton City Council
Phone: (03) 5832 9700

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