The Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton uses Australian native plants in themed gardens designed to represent the cultural, environmental, historical and agricultural characteristics of Greater Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley.

The garden designs depict the story of change. The garden themes follow a timeline and are revealed to visitors as they walk along the pathways. Each themed garden, many still to be constructed, is described in this section, and also shown on the Master Plan.

The site consists of native grassy bushland, wetlands, and a 7 hectare, 30 metre-high reclaimed landfill area with a lookout on top. This provides an expansive view of the local landscape and forms a significant landmark on the outskirts of the city, adjacent to the Goulburn and Broken Rivers.


The Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton is located in Kialla Tip Road, off Riverview Drive. (Turn off from the Goulburn Valley Hwy at Riverside Plaza.)

Opening Hours

The Gardens are open every day, all day. Please park your vehicle at the gated area at the end of Kialla Tip Road and walk in.

Cycling Areas in the Gardens

Bicycles can be ridden on the lower areas around the base of Honeysuckle Rise and on the crushed brick paths through the native bushland areas. Please dismount if you wish to walk to the top of Honeysuckle Rise.

No Dogs Policy

Please adhere to this policy. Should you wish to exercise your dogs in Shepparton there are many shared pathways along the Goulburn River and an off-leash dog park in Paterson Road.

Master Plan and Guiding Principles

A Master Plan for the site has been prepared. It guides the development of the themed gardens across the top of Honeysuckle Rise as well as the plantings and pathways which wind through the natural bushland areas.

The guiding principles for the development of the Gardens are:

  • Local themes
  • Use of Australian plants
  • Community involvement
  • Sustainability
  • Appreciation of our rivers
  • Use of local materials
  • Tourism
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Accessibility
  • Public art

Development is taking place according to budgeted funds available from Council.

Contact details

Special Council Committee Chairperson: 0418 598 033

Special Council Committee Secretary: 0408 100 686. 


Volunteers are very important to the Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton. They provide many hours of donated labour and are involved in the planting and watering of plants, general maintenance of the gardens and fundraising. They also conduct guided tours of the gardens. If you are interested in volunteering please contact The Friends of the Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton (FABGS).