Moving Here

People often have misconceptions about living in provincial Victoria, however it is easy to live, work and invest in Greater Shepparton. The region offers vast employment and investment opportunities and has a thriving business sector.

Living in Greater Shepparton

Greater Shepparton offers all the amenities to suit almost any lifestyle. There are fantastic shopping outlets, a broad range of restaurants and eateries for all tastes, and a range of social and recreational activities. There are factory sales outlets to discover, family activities such as Aquamoves and SPC Ardmona KidsTown for all your fun and fitness needs, Eastbank and Westside for entertainment, and the extensive shared bicycle/walking path network to explore. In Greater Shepparton you can take on as much or as little as you like. There are sporting clubs, theatre companies, shows and events, social activities and much more to discover.

Working in Greater Shepparton

With a diverse community like Greater Shepparton comes a diverse range of job opportunities. There are many major employers in Greater Shepparton and the jobs include casual, seasonal, part time, full time and long term employment. Greater Shepparton has a broad range of jobs and several employment agencies to assist you to find your ideal employment. There are also training and educational organisations that can provide you with extra qualifications, skills and knowledge.

Regional Living Expo

Greater Shepparton City Council participates in the annual Regional Victoria Living Expo in Melbourne. The Expo showcases the outstanding opportunities available in regional and rural Victoria. Come along and speak to representatives from Greater Shepparton and gather important information on careers, education, housing, health and the great lifestyle available in our region.

Explore the Possibilities

Greater Shepparton is a warm and welcoming place, a thriving, vibrant and progressive region and we'd like to tell you a little more about it. There are many practical and economic reasons to move to Shepparton. Real estate is affordable and there are plenty of career opportunities. It’s not difficult to find a great school, and getting the children there in the mornings is probably about five minutes out of your way. Excellent health care is accessible. In real terms, life is easier!

This information pack contains everything you need to know about the Greater Shepparton region, covering career opportunities, education, living, dining, retail therapy, arts, culture and recreation.

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