The Building Team has the role of undertaking the statutory duties of Municipal Building Surveyor and to providing a quality building service.

The Team has specific responsibilities in:

  • providing an efficient, quality building surveying and inspection service;
  • administration and enforcement of the Building Act and Regulations;
  • providing quality customer service to all clients in assisting with general building applications and enquiries;
  • ensuring compliance of non-Council existing buildings with regard to fire safety requirements;
  • identifying buildings that do not meet the minimum health, safety and amenity standards for habitation within the municipality;
  • maintaining registers and database records in accordance with the Building Act and Regulations;
  • issuing flood, property and building approval certificates;
  • mapping of hazardous areas - flood, termite and bushfire areas;
  • repairs and preventative maintenance of Council buildings; and
  • community safety for dangerous buildings - swimming pools, essential safety measures.

The Team is responsible for providing the following Council services:

  • Archival Building Information - plan and document retrievals;
  • Asset protection;
  • Building and occupancy permits;
  • Building inspections;
  • Complaints regarding buildings;
  • Consent to demolish a building (section 29A Building Act 1993);
  • Community safety;
  • Council consent and report for building application variations;
  • Declared Bushfire Areas;
  • Declared Termite Areas;
  • Enforcement and compliance of the Building Act and Regulations;
  • General building advice;
  • Hoarding permits;
  • Maintenance of essential safety measures;
  • Occupancy permits - habitation of a building;
  • Occupancy permits for places of public entertainment;
  • Property information;
  • Property file search;
  • Protection of existing Council assets and property;
  • Prosecution for illegal building works;
  • Registers - building permits, occupancy permits and notices and orders;
  • Regulatory advice;
  • Safe buildings;
  • Siting consents for temporary structures;
  • Stormwater legal point of discharge; and
  • Swimming pool and spa safety.

Contact the Building Team on 03 5832 9730 for more information.