Shepparton Regional Saleyards

The Shepparton Regional Saleyards is a modern facility with an emphasis on providing a comfortable environment for clients, agents, staff and stock.


  • Roofed sheep and cattle yards with soft standing pens
  • NSQA certification
  • Avdata-operated truck wash
  • Comfortable and convenient cafe

The saleyards operation is subject to ongoing improvement strategies, and provides user friendly management.


Following is a timetable of the various sales that occur regularly at the Shepparton Regional Saleyards.

Calves - 10.00 am
Please note Calf sale will start at the conclusion of the fat sale on Tuesday until further notice. (Please phone Saleyards Management to confirm days and times.)
Cattle - Bulls: 8.00 am start
Followed by Export, Trade, Open Auction and Calf Market (in that order)
Sheep / Lambs - 10.00 am

Special sales are held by arrangement.

Currently all sales have COVID-19 crowd restrictions. Please contact your agent, or Saleyard Management before attending in person or sending livestock.

Weekly Sales Reports

Roofed Cattleyards

Roofed cattleyards provide a further incentive for cattle care at the Shepparton Regional Saleyards, providing the most up-to-date selling environment for your stock. The yards provide soft standing pens to ensure cattle remain calm and comfortable, and in the best condition. The conditions also contribute to the comfort of clients and staff.


The agents operating through the saleyards are:

Name Location Contact Phone Email
Elders Shepparton Andrew Kyle 0400 827 257 
Joe Allen 0428 182 932
Nutrien Shepparton Office (03) 5821 4822 
Levi Cornish 0427 769 777
Brian McNamara 0419 963 487
Ben Minogue 0438 145 926
Mulcahy Nelson Livestock Pty Ltd Tatura Office (03) 5824 2765
Sam Nelson 0408 386 491
Northern Victoria Livestock Sale Jayden Ferrari 0400 295 867
Craig Cox 0400 106 949
Kat McLeod 0418 758 905
Peter Wilson Livestock Shepparton Peter Wilson (03) 5871 1533
AWN Robson Donaldson Shepparton Office (03) 5831 8993  
Scott Donaldson 0427 351 717
Cody Fogarty 0437 176 236
Peter Stevenson 0417 313 660



The Saleyards are located at 48 New Dookie Road, Shepparton.

Contact Information

For information about the Shepparton Regional Saleyards, contact:

Australian Saleyard Management Unit Trust
Office: (03) 5821 4462

Brendan Carey
Mobile: 0474 822 846