Our Community's Diversity

Greater Shepparton City Council is committed to fostering culture, celebrations and engagement of our culturally diverse community.

Greater Shepparton is one of Victoria’s great culturally diverse areas and is proud to offer a point of difference and strength in the diversity of our people.   Cultural diversity in our region is fundamental to our identity and contributes to our economic, social, political and cultural life. 

Council is committed to working closely with Aboriginal people and representative organisations to create greater community understanding of our Aboriginal culture and heritage.

We are also very proud of our region’s long migration history dating back to World War 1 which has resulted in a rich diverse community made up of over 30 nationalities, who speak more than 50 languages.

Council shares the vision with our community of providing an embracing a supportive environment where everyone can celebrate and share their culture.  We are committed to continuing to promote cultural diversity in our region and strengthen the sustainability and culture of communities which reside in the area.