Waste and Recycling

Greater Shepparton City Council provides a number of waste services and facilities for residents that allow you to keep your environment clean and sustainable.

When are my bins emptied?

To find out when your bins are emptied, and which bins to put out each week, type your address below.

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Changes to collection over Christmas/New Year

Normal collection day Changed collection day
Mon 25 December 2023 (NO COLLECTION) Tue 26 December 2023
Tue 26 December 2023 Wed 27 December 2023
Wed 27 December 2023 Thu 28 December 2023
Thu 28 December 2023 Fri 29 December 2023
Fri 29 December 2023 Sat 30 December 2023
Mon 1 January 2024 (NO COLLECTION) Tue 2 January 2024
Tue 2 January 2024 Wed 3 January 2024
Wed 3 January 2024 Thu 4 January 2024
Thu 4 January 2024 Fri 5 January 2024
Fri 5 January 2024 Sat 6 January 2024

What goes in which bin?

New and changed waste collection services

As well as changes to your collection schedule for red, yellow and green lid bins, learn about our NEW waste services, including a nappy collection service, textile recovery boxes (for clothing and accessories), a soft plastics collection service and a new purple-lid bin for glass. Watch this space!

Council's Waste Services

Council's Waste Services include:

The waste collection service is compulsory in urban areas and optional in rural areas.

To arrange a kerbside waste, recycling or FOGO (food organics/garden organics) collection service or to find out more about Council's Waste Services, please contact us on 03 5832 9700 or send an email to council@shepparton.vic.gov.au.