Emergency Information for Business

Whilst earning its reputation as a vibrant, diverse and secure place to live, Greater Shepparton is subject to the uncertainty of the elements like anywhere else. The occurrence of emergency events has historically shaped the district's environment, community and business responses.

For Current Emergency Information

For current information during an emergency event, please visit our Respond page.

Natural emergency events that may be experienced throughout the region include:

  • Flood
  • Bushfire
  • Storm
  • Drought
  • Pests, Diseases and Weeds

As Shepparton is located at the merging of three waterways there will always be period when flooding will be experienced with the floods in 1974, 1993, 2010/11 and 2012 having devastating effects on business and community.

Emergency services aim to provide protection of life and property however during a significant event they cannot guarantee assistance. The damaging effects that an emergency event can have on stock, plant, fittings, people and finances may only be partially covered by insurance and insurance will not replace people. It is beneficial for businesses and community to increase preparedness and resilience to emergency situations.

Your business is crucial to your financial wellbeing and could also provide an important service to your community, so naturally you want to protect what you can. Businesses that prepare for emergencies can minimise their losses. Research has shown that more than 40 per cent of businesses don't reopen after a disaster and nearly 30 per cent more close within three years (US National Fire Protection Agency).

This information has been developed specifically to assist businesses to access advisory information to be able to effectively plan, prepare, respond and recover from an emergency event irrespective of the cause.

Large scale natural emergency events are the most destructive and commonly reported on however individual businesses should also consider what the effects of a man-made disaster (sabotage, fire, theft or random violence) or how accident/illness of the business owner or a key staff member may affect operations. The tools throughout this information can provide relevance to any of these events.

This information is constantly subject to revision and is only provided as a guide. For specific advice, you should contact the relevant agencies.